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"Saints Row the Third was that game. A bundle of pure, concentrated fun that made the Saints Row franchise into something more than just a Grand Theft Auto wannabe. While its gameplay wasn’t particularly different from other, similar games, it shed the veneer of seriousness and embraced the absurd, providing the mission types we’ve come to love and loathe with a different spin. Developer Volition’s all-in approach to making the most fun video game they could was rewarded with both critical and commercial success.

Following up such a successful release has led to many subsequent failures for companies over the years. Volition faced that same threat with Saints Row IV. Making matters even more stressful was the impending dissolution of their parent company THQ. But instead of packing things in and making a quick rehash of its past successes, Volition found a new and even more absurd vision for its star franchise."

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I feel like it should be "CriticallyInsane"

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It is CriticallyInsane Sexy Game.

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Interesting score , the review sounds legit but I will prob wait a bit on this one . Nice screenshot though looks pretty fun .

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It's legit. And you should definitely give this game a shot. It's fantastic.

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