Review: Saints Row IV- An Original Fans Yes and No (GamersBliss)

GamersBliss writes: "Before you read this review understand that it was written by a fan of the Saints Row series. The review has been composed by someone who loved Saints Row and Saints Row 2 but despised the way the game was taken with Saints Row: The Third. The standpoint that Saints Row IV was viewed on before playing was one of complete and utter distress because of how different it appeared than the beloved first two games of the series. It was felt that the original fan base was abandoned for corny and pointless actions, that story didn’t matter anymore and that something that was held near and dear was traded in for corporate money. With that understanding please continue to read as this fan may have just been proven wrong."

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TheSuperior 1947d ago

I was really really unsure about this game because i loved Saints ROw and Saints Row 2 so much and felt the Third wasnt the direction i wanted the game to go. Now its president fighting aliens which sounds stupid but all i hear is that its for an original fan so idk.

Mugen901947d ago

I'll wait for it to go on sale or just rent it. I'm still waiting for the true sequel to SR2.

sdozzo1947d ago Show
NarooN1947d ago

Yeah, I'll wait for a Steam sale to get this.

Maybe one day they'll go back to SR2's style, but I doubt it. That'd just be too good.

thorstein1947d ago

Attention reviewers: This is how you write a review.

Link2DaFutcha1947d ago

Nice work, gonna have to check it out, wasn't a fan of 3 so yeah, some apprehension around the title. Seems much better than I had expected.