New 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand shots

See these 8 previously unseen images from the rapper's upcoming next-gen shooter.

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George Washington3872d ago

this game looks cool,the only bad thing is that 50 cent is in it.

acetw1n3872d ago

A waste of good graphics

Richdad3872d ago

Atleast the fan of Rapper will enjoy it. Some shots look better than COD4 especially the lightining after those Post processing effects. But yeah it was we call in our country "Grapes in the hand of a MOnkey". They are no use for us or them.

InMyOpinion3872d ago

What's next? Justin Timberlakes Fight Club? These artists have lost all sense of reality lol! I bet 50 cent claims "All you see in the game represents my daily life. I'm so gangsta".

TheExecutive3872d ago

lol... too funny. Or "The following story is based on actual events"

Grown Folks Talk3872d ago

about all those "hard" rappers that claimed Hammer was a sell out for doing commercials. Now every damn 1 of them has a clothing line, sells alcohol, make kiddie movies(yes you Ice Cube), & all sorts of other "non gangsta" activities.

InMyOpinion3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

The people who click the 'disagree' button on my comment probably think I'm a "wanksta" lol! Either that or they fantasize about being Justins girlfriend.

@Grown folks talk - Gotta give Ice Cube some cred though, he's one of few commercial rappers left who can actually rap =)

Grown Folks Talk3872d ago

Jay-Z, Mos Def, Common, Eminem, Kanye, & Lil Wayne for the most part. The new breed gets worse all of the time. If I here "This is why I'm hot" 1 more damn time. The radio only plays 5 songs all day anyways. Bulletproof actually looked good visually, but the a.i. was as slow as 50's speech pattern. He should just stick to making love songs like L.L. does.

TwissT3872d ago

Fifty Cent was a drug dealer before he got signed to be a rapper, just to let you guys know.

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acetw1n3872d ago


InMyOpinion3872d ago

Fat Joe owns 10, all encrusted with diamonds and rubys. He so ganxsta!

acetw1n3872d ago

maybe rat joe is the final boss in the game ,right after jarule and da game

Grown Folks Talk3872d ago

Just as 50 & Ja are about to throwdown, Jim Brown shows up & tells them what they are doing is wrong. They put aside their differences & you enter a mini game where they build a youth center together. Sorry if I ruined it for you.

wallace10003872d ago

Derek Zoolander's center for kids who can't read good?????

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George Washington3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

yea yea yea!!! its O-G LOC in the building! its OG baby!! im the mother efffin O-G LOC!!!

iNcRiMiNaTi3872d ago

wtf? someone disagreed...looks like they never played san andreas

drdre743872d ago

I cant lie the game looks great!! Game play wise thats up in the air.But if the game plays great I may just have to pick it up.

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