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Obstructed Views is back here again, just a few weeks removed from the first post talking about how Tales of Xillia could possibly be the JRPG that everyone has been looking for. Well now comes the time for the review, so let’s see if it lived up to all the hype and if the game is truly worth the time and money.

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1945d ago
-Mika-1945d ago

It is but it a 92. More like a 75 or 80. There nothing really memorable about the game. It like your average ps2 rpg.

tiffac0081945d ago

Average... You got to be kidding. I hope you are actually playing this game before giving out that judgement.

Hicken1945d ago

Mika doesn't play anything. Mika just trolls.

How could she agree that it's a great game, then say it's around a 75 or so?

As far as memorable, the battle system is perhaps the best I've ever played in an RPG, and Milla is my second favorite character in the four Tales games I've played thus far(still love Chloe Valens the most).

But, again, this is Mika we're talking about, so actual reasoning and such isn't really worth the effort.

ThisJarContainsTHC1945d ago

Would it be bad to call it the FF7 of the current gen? This is seriously one of the best JRPGs I've ever played.