GTA 5: San Andreas governer campaign videos reveal both candidates, are hilarious

Grand Theft Auto 5 has received two governet campaign videos revealing both of the game’s candidates. The question is, would you vote for Jock Cranley or Sue Murray? Decide below.

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Genesis12951924d ago

Gawd, the anticipation is killing me...

Wizziokid1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Brilliant, so hyped for this game!

Jock Cranley for governer

LightningSamus1924d ago

I love it when they poke fun at politicians.

They did it in GTA IV too.

showtimefolks1924d ago

GTA5 is correction all the mistakes of GTA4

Simple saying cant wait doesn't justify how many of us can't wait lol

Also can't wait to see what GTA online is all about, if its half the things many have predicted than it could be a game world/separate game by itself

Great job RS after GTA 5

Bully 2
New game in RDR universe
New midnight club

Hellsvacancy1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I think it's time R* made a science fiction game, Space Pirates summin like that, you could be a Han Solo type character (before he was in the films) travelling across the universe

Anything they touch turns to gold

Hellsvacancy1924d ago

Sorry, "Space Pirates, something like that"

Kurylo3d1924d ago

sounds like a stupid idea. Thanks for sharing lol.

Hellsvacancy1924d ago


That's a much better example

iceman061924d ago

A parody on all of the space movies could provide some hilarious material. They really GET satire and parody. I wouldn't be against this idea in the least.

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TheFallenAngel1924d ago

Hahaha this is awesome. But cranley should know that California pretty much is Mexico.

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