PEGI is ruining sex for everybody

PEGI isn’t the neighbourhood porn star who sucks at her job, nor is PEGI the ex who leaves mutilated sausages on your doorstep. No, PEGI is responsible for giving games their age classifications, and apparently violence is more acceptable.

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GreatGamePlay1946d ago

PEGI is probably a Women-Hating, Violence-Loving Rating system.

1946d ago
Blacktric1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

How is this a problem again? MPAA is infamous for giving lower ratings (mostly PG-13) to movies that has excessive violence in them while giving higher ratings to ones that has full nudity. It's nothing new at this point and not something that you should care enough to write an article about.

pixelsword1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

"PEGI isn’t the neighbourhood porn star who sucks at her job"

Don't all porn stars suck at their jobs?

ginsunuva1945d ago

Took me a while at first

Enigma_20991946d ago

Whooptie s***... you still have to be of age to get either in your game, and there has to be a POINT.