Euro MGS4 PS3 pack and DualShock 3 dated on Bartsmit schedule

VG247: A supposed PS3 schedule from Dutch retailer Bartsmit has shown what appears to be dates for DualShock 3 and a Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 pack for Europe.

DualShock 3 is dated at May 2 on the list, the the MGS4 pack apparently launching on June 12, the same day as the game itself launches in Europe.

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SPARTAAN3632d ago

looks like sony is starting to care about europe now

smokeb43632d ago

i think they always loved yall but they had alot on their plate

SPARTAAN3632d ago

im not from europe
my place is even worse they released the ps3 about two months after the pal regions and even now the 40gb version costs 600US$(if u convert the currency) and the games arent even released on time here mostly many months after europe gets it

CrazzyMan3632d ago

it`s just because $ is WEAK.
Companies can`t make price higher in USA, because higher NUMBER will through away customers.

Games are released later because to translate game in more then 12 language is harder then just in 1. =)

SPARTAAN3632d ago

games arent released in our local languages they are released in english and the high price is actually due to taxes. when the ps3 as launched here it was 1000$

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Shadow Flare3632d ago

so that's gonna sell like hot cakes then

Yi-Long3632d ago

... will the new bundle also ship with the new controller, or will it still contain the crappy Six-Axis!?

PirateThom3632d ago

I'd like to think it'll be in line with the rest of the world and have a Dual Shock 3.

Yi-Long3632d ago

... but tbh I'm more inclined to believe that Sony is going to want to get rid of all those unsold Six-Axis's first, and thus is just going to dump them on the European market.

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The story is too old to be commented.