Amazon offering free release day delivery for consoles

Amazon is offering free release day delivery of consoles Xbox One and PS4 through its online store as part of a promotion.

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DarkBlood1945d ago

Interesting, i will have to let a freind know.

Evil_Ryu1944d ago

i may consider ordering through them now(xbox one).

Master-H1944d ago

Do they deliver to North Africa ? lol

Lwhit61943d ago

Sorry, I guess you'll have to continue to hunt lions with your bare hands for entertainment.

Master-H1943d ago

That sounds badass, hold up let me cancel my pre order...

Ketzicorn1944d ago

Does this really matter now that neither have launch consoles available?

Lwhit61943d ago

It matters for me because I ordered my ps4 a long time ago.

dragonopt11944d ago

I got a launch console so matters too me :)

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