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Submitted by africanos23 836d ago | opinion piece

Ps4 vs Xbox One vs Gaming Pc What’s better in the long run ?

Hardwarepal: Have you ever thought how much money you spend if you're a gamer ? We take it a step further with next generation consoles like the Xbox One and Ps4 and test them against having a similar spec Gaming Pc (Industry, Microsoft, PC, PS4, Sony, Tech, Xbox One)

The_Infected  +   837d ago
Well with consoles you have a cheaper entry to gaming and when you buy a game you download it or insert it and it works. Consoles are also a service you buy into. They will always have their own share of some of the best exclusive games in the world and huge support form 3rd party developers.

PC on the other hand is you buy what you hardware you want and build it. When you get games you have to deal with problems and errors sometimes. PC will evolve better but whether developers will follow the PC tech is unlikely. Developers didn't develope next gen games until the next gen consoles come out at the end of the year even though the PC tech was already there waiting.

IMO consoles are just a better, easier, and cheaper way to go. If you're obssesed with graphics PC will most likely be the way to go but I lived this gen with consoles and next gen I'll most likely do the same since the graphics are good enough for me.
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NukaCola  +   837d ago
With one you will always lose out with something else. I think consoles are better in the end because they are a dedicated system. PCs are much easier to corrupt and need upgrades to remain equal to moving tech. Even if consoles aren't as graphically pretty, a 2013 PC game runs worse on 2007 PC as opposed to a 2013 console game which runs amazingly on 2007 technology.
RyuCloudStrife  +   837d ago
I believe consoles (personally the PS4), but in general they offer more value because as the years pass games get better and better visually and content-wise. Once developers become comfortable with the new consoles, and this gen it's suppose to be a faster learning curve.
papashango  +   836d ago
"but in general they offer more value because as the years pass games get better and better visually and content-wise"

In a few years current high end pc's will be considered average. If any platform's visuals increase the most it's the PC.

I was lucky enough to pre-order a launch day ps4. So there's that. The division and KH3 is about all I'm interested in on consoles so far.
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Kleptic  +   836d ago
^^why do people always say that about PC games?

consoles set the standards...that is 100% apparent, and isn't anything new...

saying 'PC's visual increase the most' is moving the goal posts mid game...yeah, as a platform PC will change the most year to year...but its never the same hardware...a particular GPU will never have software fully optimized for it over and over...the industry just moves on to newer hardware...a high end gpu from 2011 will barely run some games just 2 years later...and it definitely doesn't do 'better' now than it did then...

PC's had the hardware to be doing all kinds of 3D rendering in the early 90's...while a few games pushed limits at the time (doom, MS flight simulator, etc.)...3D was in no way a standard form of development until the PS 1 arrived in '95...

Exact same today...development 100% focuses around consoles...other than the occasional rogue title developed only with high end PC's in mind...because of this, the rendering technology barely changes year over year...however, when a new set of consoles show up, all those standards get rearranged...and all kinds of visual improvement comes with it...EVEN in pc games...

the reasoning behind this is straight the launch of any particular console generation...they are by FAR the most powerful unified hardware in it quickly becomes the most powerful device that A LOT of people will buy...No one is arguing that specific PC's are more powerful, its that no one buys them relative to a popular console...and not only that, but a console's installed base is a much better gauge for potential software sales than looking at 'powerful' pc sales...the console's primary purpose is gaming...a powerful PC may be purchased for any number of different reasons...
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slayorofgods  +   836d ago
With consoles you do have a more convenient build to play games on and traditionally it has been the choice of development in terms of making games due to a higher revenue. Although I think that gap is closing as we go more and more into the digital age. With the convenience of digital downloads through sources such as steam, pc games are really starting to generate a lot more revenue than in the past. Of course Sony, MS, and Nintendo are going to pay a lot of money to get their exclusives, but alot of third party developers are going to sway more and more towards pc gaming with some choosing pc exclusives themselves. In the long run, PC gaming is only going to get better and will only close the gap between consoles more.

In terms of hardware, pc's can be upgraded much more frequently. But there is an emphasis on "can". pc'S auto-detect specs and can go at least a generation and a half without any upgrades to be able to play all pc games. A console must be upgraded every generation. And in terms of backwards compatibility the PC has springboard way ahead of consoles. For example, mostly you can not play ps2 games on a ps3, and now you can not play ps2 or ps3 (or even ps3's psn) games on a PS4, but all games you ever have or will purchase will always play on a pc.

In the past, consoles were always way ahead of the pc in terms of gaming. That isn't as true anymore and in terms of what is better long term, sure there will be a lot that still say consoles, but more and more people will start saying pc.
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starchild  +   836d ago
There are three main platforms for big budget multiplatform games: PC, PS3, Xbox 360. Next generation it will be PC, PS4, XB1.

All three platforms are important to developers each generation. So of course development is heavily centered around what those consoles can do. You can't just ignore two of the three platforms.

But it's not because consoles are special or anything. It's simply that two of the three main platforms are consoles.

In the end this state of affairs is just fine to me. I game on a fairly high end PC and I also tend to get at least one console. This allows me to have the kind of image quality and performance that I want in the vast majority of my games, and also allows me to cover most of the exclusives and the odd multiplat that doesn't make it to PC.
KillrateOmega  +   837d ago
Instead of going through the trouble of writing a Tier 1 comment that'll basically say what you have just said, I'll just go ahead and say this:

Pandamobile  +   836d ago
PC is always better in the long run, but limiting yourself to one system is never the best thing to do.

Multiplatform games are almost always better and cheaper on PC, you have additional replayability for some games with mods and level editors, and there's always more games available for PC anyway.

I'll probably end up getting a PS4 at some point (probably when it drops to $300 like I did with the PS3) for the one or two games that catch my eye that I can't get on PC.
gusgusjr  +   836d ago
Yeah the one that wins, is the person who can afford to own them all.
jeffgoldwin  +   836d ago
If you own them all and play that many games non-stop, Id say you've already lost at life. Need to maintain a balance between gaming and a real life.
Pandamobile  +   836d ago
Because owning more than one system obviously implies one must play 5+ hours of games a day, right?
Corpser  +   836d ago
Because for people that are willing to spend money for a better expierience PC is the way to go, I wish I can spend money to upgrade my console games but I can't. You can already game better than 1080p on PC, 1280p,1600p, I'm gaming on a triple monitor setup 5760x1080
Moncole  +   836d ago
PC is way cheaper. With all the deals you get and humble bundles you get games for super cheap and with mods you can get even more gameplay from a game you love.
TrollCraftTales  +   836d ago
Yeah, the only thing about the PC is to get a good one, (like I am) you have to spend a huge amount of money up front, some people need to pay smaller amounts over time... I am getting a $3000 PC, but it is defiantly taking a toll on my wallet, over time though it will cost less, like you said with deals and such...
Pandamobile  +   836d ago
A $3000 PC is ridiculous.

I consider myself a bit of a PC enthusiast and even I have trouble justifying spending more than $1600 or so on a rig.
JackBNimble  +   836d ago
Buying a $3000 store bought pc is not the way to go. You could build one that would easily be far better for atleast $1000 less and probably more.

People who buy pc from the stores get ripped off badly.
SonyPS4  +   836d ago
A 1000 dollar rig is good enough for newcomers, or even a budget rig just to get the feel of PC gaming and see how you actually enjoy it before really dedicating yourself to PC gaming. If you really like it, you can just upgrade it from there. A 3000 rig is overkill.
ATi_Elite  +   836d ago
If your totally STUPID and have No computer literacy, enjoy linear games that have 20 hours of cut scenes and 8 hours of actual game play then YEH go buy a console.

But if your smart and know that ALL the same old Urban Legends that "Some Consolers" make up about PC Gaming are NOT true and you want "The Best Gaming Experience" available PLUS PC Exclusives which are games that require THINKING then you may wanna get into PC Gaming.

Typical LAME Consoler and their UNTRUE PC Urban Legends:

building a PC is hard
Bad Drivers
Incompatible Hardware
You gotta upgrade your GPU for every Game
Games don't work with some GPU/CPU
You can't game from the couch
you can't game with friends on the couch
you can't use a controller
you will miss out on console Exclusives (LOL what Exclusives my PS3 Emulator work just Great)and even if your not capable of running a PS3 Emu, RDR is the ONLY game last Gen that is worth dealing with a PS3 Emu.

and before YOU clowns open your mouth, My PC can run OSX and play MAC Games better than any MAC so why in the hell would a PS3 Emu be any different?

....and a bunch of other CRAP!

PC Gaming is easier than you think but more importantly you become a PC Gamer for PC Exclusive Games, Customization of YOUR experience, bleeding edge tech, and Mods plus of course a PC does more than just play games so it all works out.
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i8urCAKE  +   836d ago
If it was that simple then all those millions of console gamers would have the same thing that you have.....
kneon  +   836d ago
PC are just more work. I spent most of today fixing driver errors on a laptop and windows update failures on a desktop. And that wasn't even for gaming. This is just par for the course with PCs.

I probably have such problem more often than most since there are 11 PCs in the house but even with just one you will eventually have problems.
_QQ_  +   837d ago
A PC is definitely better for the long run for one you will be able to play last gen,this gen,and next gen pc games without needing 3 seperate systems,also with the exception of Nintendo's systems,consoles tend to have short lifespans,i wentbthrough 3 PS3s last gen,but a well taken care of pc will outlast a console.PC actually has many many many advantages over consoles.
MidnytRain  +   836d ago
It's pretty simple really.

PC for the long run.

Console for the short.
jcnba28  +   836d ago
There is no competition pc wins hands down.
SirBradders  +   836d ago
If you have the initial cost then yes of course, but honestly consoles are so much more convenient and with ps+ and others following suite shortly they too offer great gaming deals.
jessupj  +   836d ago
I think they both have advantages.

I'm fortunately enough to have a gaming PC and my PS4 is already paid for, so I won't be missing out on too much.
Transporter47  +   836d ago
With those two what will you be missing out? I think you have everything cover lol
gusgusjr  +   836d ago
Would you get an xbox one controller for your pc or wait to see if you could game with your ps4 pad on pc?
jessupj  +   836d ago
Never actually tried a controller on my PC. I mainly use it for RTS and online FPS.
wtopez  +   836d ago
PC. In the short and long run.
Corpser  +   836d ago
Next gen Consoles are not cheaper once you factor in the $50/60 a year you need to pay to play online, and before someone mentions the "free" ps+ games, have a look at the Humble Origin Bundle and past humble bundles to see what games pc gamers get for almost nothing
SlapHappyJesus  +   836d ago
The PC I built months ago really should have no problem running any of the multi-plats of this coming generation. I can easily Ultra anything that any of the top engines are doing.
You get better multi-plat support and PCs exclusives for the coming years.
Sometime down the road, you grab the consoles for their respective exclusives, considering they are enough to warrant the purchase.

I say PC for the long run.

Console will always win out in the short run because of the price. PC will always win out in the long run over support and overall game costs.
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1lawrence  +   836d ago
consoles r better. i would of comment earlier but was busy signing my petition for division n grand theft.
Sparkz   836d ago | Spam
Somebody  +   836d ago
I don't particular care about petitions anymore. I feel they have lost their meaning. A couple of years back it's a good thing because you want those stuff for the PC so ask through the appropriate channels.

Now...I see the petitions are corrupted by the devs. The devs are telling us to beg for it instead of us voluntarily do so. Why don't just they make a PC version out of their kindness? They already took the PC's X86 architecture for their consoles. Before we were like Oliver Twist begging for that extra little bowl of sludge because we want to and hopefully they'll give us out of the kindness of their hearts. Now the devs are waving a piece of juicy meat in front of us and want us to do tricks to get it like dogs.

Petition was our way of asking for stuff. Now petitions are the devs' way to get free PR.
KwietStorm  +   836d ago
The ones that I buy will be best for me, PS4 and PC.
JBSleek  +   836d ago
Long Run? PC easily.
No_Limit  +   836d ago
Gaming PC due to upgrade possibilities. Heck, it will support both the DS4 and XB1 controller as well as a mouse and keyboard for gaming. That in itself, is a win.
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1lawrence  +   836d ago
it wont support the most important feature the exclusive games
Pandamobile  +   836d ago
PC has more exclusive games than any other platform.
GDDR6_2014  +   836d ago
Let me know what console I can buy that can play all the exclusive games
starchild  +   836d ago
As the others already mentioned, the PC has tons of exclusives of its own.

And people tend to overhype exclusives. Sure, there are some damn good exclusives, but the vast majority of games are multiplatform games.

And my favorite platform will always be the platform that is best for the vast majority of games, not the platform that might have 2 more exclusives than another platform.

I own a PC, PS3 and 360 this generation and I can honestly say that 95% of the games I wanted to play were on my PC. I basically spent $500 for my PS3 and $400 for my 360 just to play a handful of exclusives. There are maybe a dozen exclusives on the PS3 and something like 8 exclusives on the 360 that I enjoy.
Kietz  +   836d ago
thebudgetgamer  +   836d ago
I'm a console guy but I do recognize the many benefits of owning a gaming pc, mods being the best one.
TrollCraftTales  +   836d ago
For me it's the power, The multiplats look the best, and run the best...
sorane  +   836d ago
PC and it's not even close. The best games/graphics/price in the long run. Only thing you miss is a couple generic shooters and tomb raider clones. Plenty of both on PC.
africanos23  +   836d ago
You guys havent heard of three monitor gaming @ 5760x1080 resolution. :)
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spimuch  +   836d ago
You all are forgetting something, you people say graphics do not matter... i half agree, good visuals makes you totally immerse into gaming world, laptops are portable gaming stations that can play games like BF3 on Ultra and BF4 i think on high ranging from 30 to 60+ fps on some expensive laptops and also it gives freedom of choice for those who cannot afford expensive laptops then can buy it cheaper for fewer fps, it helps me a lot when i play during long flight transits or when i travel i can take it in my bag, and the best thing i like about PC game that i can use the same device for my studies, social networking, surfing the web, watching movies and playing games. and screen size do not really matter as it will seem as big as a TV as you sit near laptop all times while you sit on average of 2 meters away from TV.

So those who have the cash "i myself worked my ass off for my laptop", i suggest you buy PC first as it can be more useful and fun at the same time.

OH!, and i almost forgot....i love it when me and all my friends gather in same room and play co-op or multiplayer, much more fun as we share the laughs and the angers than sitting alone in my room just shouting in the mic, which you can only do easily on PC's.
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TrollCraftTales  +   836d ago
Well if you are going to spend a huge amount of money on a PC, obviously that one, but for $400-$500 A console would be better... I am getting a PS4 and a $3000 gaming PC... THe PC will out preform the PS4, but the ease of use and exclusives make me want to spend $400 on the PS4...
jeffgoldwin  +   836d ago
You've already failed if your spending $3000 on a gaming pc.
TrollCraftTales  +   836d ago
I would like to know how I failed...
My specs are amazing...
CPU: Intel Core i7-4770K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor

Motherboard: Asus Z87-A ATX LGA1150 Motherboard

Memory: Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 Memory

Storage: Samsung 840 Series 250GB 2.5" Solid State Disk

Storage: Seagate Barracuda 2TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive

GPU Video Card: PNY GeForce GTX 780 3GB Video Card

That will be amazing for years to come... And I rounded up, after getting all that, plus the rest of the computer, the monitor, a new mic and headphones, crazy mouse and keyboard, and a new desk and bed... It still all costs $2932.41... I hardly see that as a fail...
jeffgoldwin  +   836d ago
Because I built that almost exact build for $1500....last year.

Instead of having 780, had the 680, but near meaningless upgrade until the 800-series come around. So ya, you didn't shop around very well at all. Only way I can see how your blow that much money, is maybe your not building it yourself and are having some website built it. Try
ashahab861   836d ago | Spam
microgenius  +   836d ago
just look at THE LAST OF US for a 7 year old console and judge which is better in the long run
microgenius  +   836d ago
just look at THE LAST OF US for a 7 year old console and judge which one is better in the long run
ooooooops double post!!!!!!
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badboy776  +   836d ago
IN Order


1000.Xbox One
ATi_Elite  +   835d ago
I'm playing at 1600p resolution on Ultra on my PC RIGHT NOW!

your looking at fake PS4 pictures and wont be able to actually play on one until November and when November does roll around every thing in the PS4 will be OLD tech including the GDDR5 Ram and AMD APU

Meanwhile my current PC will smoke a PS4 to ashes then roll those ashes up and smoke them some more.

....oh and don't say ONE word about PS4 Exclusives when Titanfall is ONLY available on XB1 and PC!

YES the PS4 will produce some great games and good times but it only plays games while my PC does SO MUCH MORE!

in order

1. PC
2. I can careless unless it's a multitaking machine
badboy776  +   835d ago
PS4 has wayyy better Games!!!
ATi_Elite  +   835d ago
Long and Short Run = PC

I know people who have bought 3 or 4 PS3/360 cause of RROD/YLOD or they wanted the slim version

Now they gotta shell out $400 to $500 for a new system

Meanwhile every time I upgrade my GPU/CPu I sell the Old ones therefore I only end up paying HALF PRICE or lower for the new stuff and then my PC pays for itself anyway cause it can do ALL kinds of COOL NON-GAMING related task.

But anyway if you enjoy console games go buy a XB1/PS4 but if you want the Ultimate Gaming Experience and Enjoy PC games then go build a PC.

PC Gaming is different from Console gaming just like people who like Mudding want trucks while Speed Demons want Sport Cars.

2 Different worlds my friends.
andyrock212  +   833d ago
You guys are crazy late lol. Part of this article is false. Actually most of it is. The Xbox one System Memory Bandwidth is faster than the PS4. The esRam serves as a buffer reducer. Xbox development team found a way to use spare processing cycle "holes", that boosted it to 133gb/s and when you add its speed plus the ram its 200gb/s. Also I personally think that Kinect is great for what I will be doing when xbox hits the shelves. play games watch tv and be updated on my fantasy score. it also saves me time by just saying a channel or program name and it goes to it instead of loading up Cablevision's horribly slow IO menu and guide or if I try to search for a program.

For PC gaming, well lol. Good luck defending pc. That is super hard to keep upgrading. If you misplace a screw or dont update your bios your screwed. and if you manually try to do the upgrades yourself alot of people screw up since you actually have to disemble you entire computer also putting it out of warranty if you have one.

All in all, I think xbox is a better choice. So far they have better exclusives, way better online experience with Live, better controller, kinect included which people should give a try before stabbing it,and better bandwidth. Remember you get what you pay for. Everyone talking about $399 is cheaper than $499, so obvious but shelling out 400 plus tax isnt easy and I dont see how saving a extraa 100 for something thats better is harder when we have plenty of time left. Just sell your 360 or ps3.

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