First Diablo 3 Expansion "Reaper of Souls" Revealed, Teaser Site Live Now

The first expansion of Diablo III has been officially confirmed, its titled as "Reaper of Souls".

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sobotz1948d ago

I hope the console version got the complete edition

papashango1947d ago

trust me as a day 1 pc owner.

There is nothing complete about this game.

Kaizin5141948d ago

I am more worried that if they start announcing these things at places like Gamescom, that Blizzcon will be a complete bore this year. But as far as an expansion goes, I am excited, hopefully with the new director they can make some changes for the better and make the game a little bit more like it was promised to be.

Eldyraen1947d ago

We could be in for a treat: maybe Protoss expansion focus and/or a Titan reveal. Diablo though would had trumped Protoss IMO as we know its coming anyways.

Maybe they will come out of nowhere and announce Starcraft 2 for consoles with Kinect controls! /S

I would die simultaneously crying/laughing though if that ever happened.

killbillvolume121948d ago

Offline Play or i won't even look at it (for pc version)...

DarkBlood1948d ago

wouldnt they have to make the pc version offline play as well?

killbillvolume121948d ago

I hope so because i would love to be able to play this game lag free...

thekhurg1948d ago

The lag was dealt with a long time ago...

killbillvolume121948d ago

@thekhurg Not for those who don't live in usa....

Dragun1948d ago

Great news, but i think we will still have to wait a long time till it get's out.

Mikeyy1948d ago

So let me guess, the itemization fixes will be in the expansion now, along with PvP...

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