Baja previewed by Eurogamer - 1000 miles without stopping

In real life, the Baja 1000 race, which generally runs for about 1000 miles, takes 27 hours to finish. And that's if you're the world-record holder. It's a serious business, but it's a pretty rubbish business, by the sound of it. According to Eurogamer's giddy THQ and 2XL guides during the game's first playable showing, racers spend up to a million dollars on their vehicles and then have to spend another half-mil on race support from a watching helicopter - all for a prize purse of just five grand.

Mind you, if you're used to that kind of return on your investment, Baja is the game for you: not only can you live out your Baja fantasy of being Steve Hengeveld or "Scoop" Vessels, but you can connect three PS3s or 360s, three screens and three copies of the game together and play in panoramic mode.

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butterfinger3898d ago

sounds pretty cool. I'd be interested in doing that, but how many people actually have the resources needed to pull off the trick?