5 Annoying Things About Pokémon Games: Part 1

Punching Beta: "For a decade and a half, Pokémon has been a source of great pleasure and pain for people of various ages and cultural backgrounds, becoming one of the greatest selling video game franchises of all time, right behind Mario and Super Mario. Since I heard the news of the upcoming Gen VI pair, X and Y, I’ve been furiously replaying a few Pokémon games in anticipation."

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The_Sneauxman1952d ago

After I shut the game off, I still heard the haunting music that looped over and over again. I thought I was never going to sleep again and forever be doomed to the background theme jingle!

FortKnight1952d ago

And worse, you can never even enjoy a full song in Pokemon. You either walk into a building or different route - music changes. OR WORSE, a hundred wild Pokemon starting the battle music.

cootdog1231952d ago

Pokemon lol grow up already.

KonsoruMasuta1952d ago

No matter what age you are, Pokémon is fun.

Just because the game isn't rated M doesn't mean people 17 and up can't play it.

paul-p19881952d ago

That depends, i'm 25 now and i've played them all since Red and Blue, but pokemon is boring to me now. I played black and white and the game was just boring, it had lost it's spark. I only beat the elite four because i didn't want to have a Pokemon game that i hadn't finished the main story on, otherwise i would have just left it in a cupboard somewhere...

And personally, after looking at the screenshots of the 'Mega Pokemon', or just any screenshots of the 3DS versions, it looks like that spark still is not back on the new ones... which is a shame, i really want to carry on loving Pokemon, but i seriously cannot deal with a lackluster story, catching close to 1000 pokemon now, which you can almost guarantee most of the earlier pokemon will be impossible to get without cheating, and the newer ones will be designed terribly (i'm looking at you vanillice....)

GeckoPutt1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

@cootdog123 - Ahhh, you must be a Call of Duty fan... Actually, no I take that back, and would you like to know why? Because I don't automatically judge a game and their audiences based on my stupid opinions. I happen to be 23 and a high school teacher and thoroughly enjoy these games still. My friends and I often enjoy the excitement of catching, trading, battling etc. Pokémon first came out when I was 10 years old and I fell in love with it, whilst I'm not a massive fan of the anime any more, the games have been a great love of mine ever since. Video games are not governed by age, if that were the case, games such as Mario would sell out.

Instead of spouting your immature, groundless opinions, find another article that you can spread your idiocy.

@paul-p1988 - It's Vanillite, and are you telling me that Voltorb, Grimer and Seel were much better? Voltorb was literally an inverted Poké Ball with eyes, Grimer was slime, and Seel is a... seal... called Seel. -_- I love Generation 1 with a passion, but when genwunners try to make the argument against the Vanillite and Trubbish evolutionary lines it makes me laugh...

cootdog1231951d ago

You are right Geckoputt I'm not a COD fan. I'm more of a Fallout 3, the last of us and god of war kind of guy. But age has nothing to do with it I myself am 41 years old. I was gaming when you were in diapers lol. But Pokemon come on man thats a kids game.