Castlevania Producer Wants A Silent Hill Reboot

In a recent interview, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 producer Dave Cox said he thinks the Silent Hill series is one that needs a fresh start.

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pyramidshead1950d ago

If they hand the franchise back to Japanese devs then I'm all for it(hideo showed interest at one point). Outsourcing it has slowly made it collapse in on its self with Downpour being its last gasp of air and Book of Memories being the final choke.

AzureskyZ1950d ago

I agree-- i dont know why konami doesnt utlize its resources-- i dont want mecury steam to touch it either-- i didnt like how castlevania turned out and i dont want them to mess with silent hill-- i would like them to make there own francises not ruin others.

gano1950d ago

Under japanese deveopers, im all for it.