World of Warcraft Is Not a "Real" Success

The MI6 Marketing Conference, that takes place in San Francisco and concentrates on the business side of games development, featured a lengthy panel discussion about the MMO business modes and the potential for growth that free-to-play games could have in the near future.

The most important speakers were Daniel James of Three Rings, creator of Puzzle Pirates, Andrew Sheppard of Outspark, the company that makes Fiesta, Min Kim of Nexon, developers of MapleStory and Craig Sherman, representing the virtual world Gaia.

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Palodios3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

I can see the practical implications of a casual myspace-mmorpg, but I really disagree with this whole thing. Blizzard is a business. 150 million dollars in subscription fees every month sounds pretty damn successful to me. They ARENT targeting that big of an audience, they're targeting the people who are willing to spend 15 dollars a month for a encompassing online video game experience.

There was a news article a while back that said in order to develop a game and prepare enough servers to support millions of people to combat the success of WoW (and we're talking 10 million people playing, not 800 million people), it would cost tens of millions if not hundreds of million dollars, money that could not be recovered by advertising to children.

Plus... do we really want 10 % of the world's teenagers playing casual MMORPG's? Say it with me, in 20 different languages... "gateway drug" and "global economic collapse".

Bizmal3903d ago

As Long as casual PvP does not me Carebear PVP. To many games just like Wow have Newby PVP where you loose nothing when you die and gain nothing when you kill. Even great PVP games like Ultima Online was eventally changed into a carebear game cause of all the whiny little babies who can't take a loss. you know who you are, that person who joins a PvP server in an attempt to be good. Knowing fully that you should be playing on a PvE server.

Karebear3903d ago

Heeeey stop knocking my PvP system! *grins* *points at name*
Don't make me p0wn you for no penalty!

Ok yes its bad, I couldn't help it.

I learned a long time ago I had to stay away from MMORPGs or I'd lose my real life for the virtual one.

Skerj3903d ago

The 10+ million people who fork over 15 bucks a month to Blizzard say otherwise. I can't stand the game, but even I can't deny that it is a commercial success.

jollygoodchap83902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

isn't WoW the biggest MMORPG in the world?

I mean I didn't play it at all, but I know it's not a failure...far from it.

Anybody who thinks that WoW isn't a success is a moron...or is in MAJOR denial.

Voiceofreason3902d ago

I dont know how you can say that WoW gives you nothing for killing. you get honor for every kill, winning BG, daily PVP quests, and can use that honor to buy gear,gems,mounts, etc. And as far as losing goes. Well when you lose a BG you get 1 mark and no bonus honor vs 3 marks and on average of 200-500 bonus honor..Obviously over many matches the benefits of winning become a little clearer.

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