High Fantasy Fisticuffs- Dragon’s Crown Review I HeyPoorPlayer

HeyPoorPlayer's Francis DiPersio writes- Dragon’s Crown is a love letter to the classic fantasy beat-‘em-ups of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Vanillaware’s newly-released slugfest is just oozing with inspiration from genre classics such as Sega’s legendary Golden Axe series along with Capcom’s Dungeons & Dragons dualogy (fun fact- Dragon’s Crown’s art director, George Kamitani, cut his teeth on Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom), crafting a high-fantasy melee that offers a sublime mix of bare knuckle beat-downs and light role playing elements that blend together to create a totally unique and refreshing gameplay experience.

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yellowgerbil1953d ago

cool a dragons crown review. This is exactly what N4G needs, can't believe no one else thought of reviewing this game already.

rextraordinaire1952d ago

Are you mad because this game is a success?

yellowgerbil1952d ago

lol, just getting annoyed that there is 50 dragons crown reviews, and no next gen news worth commenting on.

rextraordinaire1952d ago

Well at least it means that this gen still has some life in it. Not everyone will be able to afford next gens on first year, let alone first day!

Drithe1952d ago

I love this damn game. My hands ache from playing it so much!