GTA 5 Mural In L.A. is finally Complete, Looks Magnificient

The GTA 5 Mural that was under construction in Los Angeles is finally done.

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creized11950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Just Amazing.
Would love to be there to see it in person

wtopez1950d ago

Jesus. Wouldn't it be cheaper to port the game to the next gen consoles?

FlameHawk1950d ago

It is a famous place near L.A's Staples center, a lot of people are going to see it, perfect advertisement and that is not the first time it is used to advertise something, it has always has advertisements.

showtimefolks1950d ago

what makes you think that it won't be on next gen consoles? if its gonna get a release on PC which seems likely than next gen version is just as likely

porting from PC to ps4/xbox one takes very little time

if they announce GTA5 is coming to ps4/xbox one in January-february 2014 than some will wait, so RS will make us buy the game twice lol, for me its not a issue since next gen versions will have extra content,any patches etc,

Last of us

3 games i am pretty sure we will see next gen version of

GamingManiac1950d ago

And I will gladly re-buy all three of them without even thinking twice!

Gster1950d ago

Project Cars next gen + your 3 would be gr8

Salooh1950d ago

I would wait for a next generation version if they announce it before they release the game but if they don't then i will buy it on ps3 . Who the hell would wait for something not announced or existed ?.

Psychotica1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Why would you ask Jesus? If not why mention his name at all?

ABeastNamedTariq1950d ago

Oh yeah, I'm hyped. It looks really good!

Bathyj1950d ago

Wow, that took awhile, but I guess it was a big job.

And they say games arent art.

Fasttrack761950d ago

Doubt the date will change now as its up there, happy days

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