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Submitted by Lavalamp 910d ago | news

38 Studios closure “devastating” for Curt Schilling

Founder Curt Schilling rates the closure of Kingdoms of Reckoning developer 38 Studios as one of the worst experiences of his life. (38 Studios, Curt Schilling, Industry)

Bigpappy  +   910d ago
That's why you still need publishers. The risk is very high for big budget games.

I respect Curt's effort to follow his passion for gaming. Too bad he doesn't have enough to give it another try.
showtimefolks  +   910d ago
no doubt, but playing kingdom of amular reminded me a lot of MMO's because it was basically a MMO

there were so many, and i do mean so many useless quests to actually get some good ones. It could have been so much better and IMO would have sold much better too

many reviewers complained about it too, its a good game but not a great game

but what happened to curt is bad just because he took a huge risk and lost almost all of his money. So much respect for actually following through to his passion


oh i didn't know that, i heard about a MMO that the studio was working on for a long time. To be honest KOA is just like a MMO anyway
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rdgneoz3  +   910d ago
KoA wasn't what broke the camels back. It was all the money he spent on making his MMO that never came to be.
zeal0us  +   910d ago
Publishers wasn't the problem with this situation. The problem the state idiotically gave this company a gigantic loan(50million USD) which the company couldn't pay back.
Bigpappy  +   910d ago
Publishers usually invest in these big games if they think they can make money from the ideas. Dynasty is being funded by Activision. Bungie could not do it without that kind of financial backing.

Curt was trying to do a huge indie game and got hurt big time.
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zeal0us  +   909d ago
Curt was trying to fund a game and MMO at the same time and not some huge indie game. You can't honestly believe that 50million was for one single game. EA was the publisher for KoA:R but they didn't throw their hand in the ring with them for the MMO. Maybe because EA was already funding a MMO(SWTOR) to not care or care enough.

Destiny is being funded Activision mainly because its like a AAA MMO. We all know MMOs are one the most expensive times of games you can create. Given Bungie's history Activision believe their project is good investment.

Bungie has the history to backed them up but 38 Studios does not. The state honestly(not say it's fully their fault) should've look into the history of the company before handing out such a huge loan.
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reef1017  +   910d ago
Kingdoms of Amalur is a great game and its a shame that there wont be another.
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thelaughingwiseman  +   910d ago
It arrived the same time Skyrim did...
zeal0us  +   910d ago
There was almost at least three months between Skyrim launch date and KoA launch date.
MiasmaDodo  +   910d ago
they should have never tried to fund an Open World single player and an MMO at the same time.

that was suicide.
zeal0us  +   909d ago
Agree, 38 Studios should've asked the state for just enough money to cover KoA:R and thats it. I would've waited to see KoA:R would be profitable first. If KoA was profitable then I would've move forward with the MMO. Seeing as MMOs takes $$$ I would've pitch it a publisher or the state. No good then off to Kickstarter baby :D kidding

The state is also carries part of the blame. You don't give 50m to a studio who doesn't have a history of making big names games which sells extremely well. That would be a risky investment imho.
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spektical  +   910d ago
probably what caused his heart attack earlier this week....
guitarded77  +   910d ago
It was devastating for the people that relocated their entire families, then didn't get paid in the end when the studio was shut down. Curt still has money... I feel nothing for him. I feel for the talent that got screwed because of his stupidity and mismanagement.
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SlapHappyJesus  +   910d ago
If nothing else, a large majority got picked up by other companies shortly after the whole mess happened. At least that is what I've come to believe.

Agreed though. There was a lot of mismanagement to blame for this. Doesn't just fall on Schilling though.
guitarded77  +   910d ago
Not entirely on him, but a good portion of it. After reading the open letter from one of the wives of an employee, it was pretty clear that they were repeatedly told that they would be paid soon, while some were not able to pay rent... or even for food. Some defaulted on loans. They were lied to, and that was by Schilling.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   910d ago
Kingdoms of Amalur was a great game to me... I wish someone could pick up the license and give it another go. The combat (especially being stealthy and using daggers) was fun and satisfying.
thelaughingwiseman  +   910d ago
I'm still planning on getting me a copy of Kingdom's of Almanor (I don't think i spelled that right)
porkChop  +   910d ago
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
mydyingparadiselost  +   909d ago
I've been playing this over the last couple of weeks and it's pretty awesome but there are WAY too many sidequests, it starts to feel like filler after the 50 hour mark. The art direction is amazing as well, you can tell Todd McFarlene had a hand in this just because of the Spawn green color that gets used on everything.
robotgargoyle  +   909d ago
Curt put his heart, soul, and money into KOA. From what I played of it, KOA wasn't a bad game. I wish there was a way 38 studios and Shilling could recoup their losses.
InTheLab  +   909d ago
While I feel for some of the people at 38, Schilling is the reason why the company went south. He forms this studio and begins work on their MMO. At the same time, he buys out Big Huge Games which is the team responsible for Amalur. Instead of hiring a CEO and CFO to manage the business, he (a baseball player with no background in management or game development) runs the company and lavishes employees with computers, iPads,and even bought to Houses for relocating employees. All the while, working both studios with no benefits or vacation time.

He quickly blows through investor funds and starts campaigning for money. The state gave them a loan to create jobs. In order to get the money, he must hire something like 50 he does. Nevermind the fact that most of them where not developers. So he gets that loan and blows through it again with no progress on the MMO. He gets the second part of the loan by hiring another 100 people, all of which had no background in gaming or programming. So he basically hired these people to suck money from the state.

Anyway...It's actually a fascinating read. I think ESPN or Yahoo sports did a story on it.
robotgargoyle  +   909d ago
Ouch. Didn't realize it was that bad. I just remember him talking about being on the road during baseball season (when he played) and playin an mmo with his son. It seemed that he really enjoyed gaming and I was positive 38 studios were going to succeed when he was interviewed multiple times during the whole development process.

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