Beyond: Xbox One Doesn't Need Kinect, So Do You Need PS4?

IGN - The Xbox One doesn't need the Kinect anymore -- does this mean the playing field between Sony and Microsoft is level?

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raytraceme1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

I don't know I gotta ask Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica and JAPAN :D, Media Molecule, Guerrilla Games,Sucker Punch, Polyphony, Ready at Dawn, Evolution, and Quantic Dreams if I need a PS4 ;)

HammadTheBeast1946d ago

You forgot Sony Japan, not as well known in NA, but they make some amazing games.

iamnsuperman1946d ago

I agree Gravity Rush was really good (my first game of theirs) and Rain is looking pretty good. I heard Tokyo Japan was good but I never bought it

raytraceme1946d ago

Oh I know about sony japan I can't wait for pupeteer, Rain, and old school platformer Knack :D

redwin1946d ago

And they all will tell you that you should go with MS because they're getting out of the gaming business, they are going back to make the Walkman ... Lol ;)

Insomnia_841946d ago

So nobody is asking Cerny? :/

JokesOnYou1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Keeping it in every box will ensure its supported over the lifetime of the console. Microsoft says they are still 100% committed to Kinect, they don't want to fracture the fanbase but honestly don't believe them right now until we get to launch with it in every box. If so, I'm in if not I'd be pretty disappointed with the new X1 just from a vision perspective, I still feel like X1 will have the games I care about the most but settling for a status quo xbox-like-ps4 would be a worst case scenario for me.

buynit1946d ago


Lol cerny is the one usually asking :/

buynit1946d ago


Thats how i feel about it

Boody-Bandit1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Who are you replying to? raytraceme and HammadTheBeast are talking about Sony developers and you are replying with why MS should keep Kinect in the box with the X1.

As far as what Microsoft says? I think they have proven themselves untrustworthy at best. Personally I would say flat out LIARS but I am trying to be nice here.

MS has very little credibility left. How can we trust a company that doesn't trust their initial vision for next gen? They are literally ALL over the place now.

A little more on topic:
Sony's devs are a given as to why this question is silly but it shouldn't even have been asked in the first place as to why consumers would want a PS4 if Kinect is no longer a requirement for the XBOX ONE.

The better question should be are you still willing to pay $499 for a console with an additional device most of their core consumers didn't want included in the 1st place?

If MS keeps the price @ $499 with Kinect included, when it's now no longer required, it will be worse than if they just never made it not mandatory in the first place. I don't know who is more confused. MS or the consumers trying to understand what in the hell MS are doing with the XBOX ONE when they themselves appear to have no idea.

This throwing what ever they can at walls to see what sticks looks horrible. Heads should roll in their R&D department.

jessupj1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

@ Jokes

I'm honestly beginning to believe you aren't a troll and genuinely hate games.

If I had to settle for an X1, I'd be ok with that. I'd hate the fact I'd be supporting a company that doesn't care about games at all, but even I'm not that fanboyish enough to say I wouldn't enjoy a lot of the X1 games.

When ever anyone disregards Sony's amazing first party games I immediately can't take them seriously.

JokesOnYou1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

lol Brutallyhonest, My comment is directly in response to the headline. Wow, now you care where I comment? As if there's some formality to n4g postings and comments. If so I'd think the mods would clean up all the duplicates and trolling comments first before worrying about where users respond.

On topic: I totally disagree with you about Kinect. Sure, it may not be what some want but I think many, many more do. They aren't necessarily as vocal as the naysayers though, either way the question is who do you piss off, those who DON'T WANT IT, which will effect the overall lifetime support and therefore are against what you spent tons of R&D to develop and bring to the market OR do you piss off the gamers who DO WANT IT and support your Kinect strategy for the platform? Now they've went as far to say if you don't like Kinect for privacy reasons we'll let you turn it completely OFF and still enjoy our great games, minus Kinect features but its still included because:

"We aren’t interested in splitting the development base." Nobody is asking Nintendo to sell a cheaper wii-u without the new tablet controller, because then it would just detract from Nintendo trying to bring new ways to interact on its platform, so why should micro be forced to do so?

-This is exactly why we need Kinect, if it scares you or if there's not enough value for the price why not just buy a ps4 and or a pc?

@jessupj, nowhere did I disregard sony's games, what I clearly said is:
"I still feel like the X1 has the games I care about the most"

To be frank UC2 blew me away, but they are all great, TLOU is amazing, GOW3 was amazing, like the franchise, KZ(imo) is a mix bag of other better shooters which is my favorite genre, off the top of my head that's all I've played on my ps3, as I absolutely hate jrpg's and not a fan of Heavy Rain. This by no means "disregards" sonys exclusive game what it means is I really like some, some are OK, and some I'm not into, doesn't mean they are bad it means I DONT PLAY THEM, SAME AS THERE ARE 360 GAMES I HATED LIKE THE LAST FABLE GAME....what it does mean is that I just prefer MORE xbox games and the online community. Are you that much of a fanboy that YOU actually believe a lot of people like me like the AAA xbox exclusives more than the AAA ps exclusives? Well I do.

sevilha821946d ago

there was a little game called Demon Souls,you might of heard of it.


mikeslemonade1946d ago

X1 is still $100
Controller requires batteries
XBL is $10msrp more than plus

guitarded771946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Oh, this is cute... the trolls are showing up. Remember when they were burying their heads when MS announced their initial XBOX One policies? Yeah, that was funny. And remember how everyone was asking if we needed a PS4 when MS announced thier initial XBOX One policies? Yeah, that never happened. I'd just like to remind y'all that MS tried to screw devs... they tried to screw retail... and they tried to screw gamers. Remember that??? It was funny. If someone wants and XBOX One, more power to them. Just don't pretend that Sony doesn't STILL have the best policies on next gen from DAY ONE. Hell, I'll own both at some point, but how soon so many forget what MS tried to do. Right now, I have no trust or respect for MS. Sure, I'd like to play their games too, but they're going to have to do more than revert their policies to earn my money.

user55757081946d ago

I'm part of the niche jrpg loving crowd so yea i do need ps4...

disgaea and the new "tales of" series games are exclusive not to mention the random new ip's that get localized from time to time

Ju1945d ago

" Nobody is asking Nintendo to sell a cheaper wii-u without the new tablet controller,"

Right. That's why the WiiU sells like hot cakes.




It doesn't.

mewhy321945d ago

So what if it doesn't have to have the spy camera to work. They're still making you buy it!!! You're still paying for the darn thing, paying 100.00 more for a piece of crap that you don't even want and getting an inferior console to boot LOL. The answer to the question is YES, you need a PS4.

kreate1945d ago

X1 is ok but Microsoft is inconsistant whith their policies.

Consoldtobots1945d ago

even if they we're both $399 it's not even a contest for me, ABSOLUTELY ZERO interest in the xbox brand. I learned my lesson with the 360 and will no longer buy a console that lives on 3 exclusives and multiplats for an entire generation.

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KwietStorm1946d ago

Well played, ray, well played.

MizTv1946d ago

I like real exclusive games
They get the most out of the system

Rimeskeem1946d ago

And you have to ask all the teams separately

SDS Gamerfiend1946d ago

Nice try, PS4 is a mandatory update!

scott1821946d ago

I think eat sleep and play is doing stuff for sony still.... aren't they?

showtimefolks1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Yes because it's $399

I know PSN plus is awesome still very under rated service

Sony has a long history of delivering games for whole generation instead of first 4 years

Cross game chat is free

Free to play games don't require plus account

Record footage without needing plus

Still not being charged $100 for a camera that I don't need

So yes I still need a ps4, BEYOND

It is one for for fanboys to have this always ongoing console war but now even major gaming sites are looking for hits.

Some will pick Xbox one and will be very happy

Some will pick ps4 and will be very happy

Some will pick both and be super duper happy

End of the day gaming for me is to relieve a lot of stress and just get lost in different gaming worlds. Both consoles will be identical only exclusive content will differentiate

Godz Kastro1946d ago

Didn't need a PS last gen. Wont need it this gen. Do I want one? That will be determined when I see an interesting game. So far, I haven't... If KZ is all they have going for them at launch they are in trouble.

Deividas1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Yea...from all the pre-order numbers and all the stores running out of stock and Sony can no longer guarantee a day one arrival due to the number of orders....yea, they are in trouble. Nailed it

n4rc1946d ago

Well.. Taking preorders they can't fulfill.. I'd call that trouble

stage881946d ago

1. Both have 8-core x86-64 CPUs and similar GPUs, although PS4's faster.
2. Both have 8GB of RAM, although PS4's faster.
3. Both have improved controllers, although PS4's is rechargeable and can recharge with the console off.
4. Both have a 500GB hard drive, although PS4's is user-upgradeable.
5. Both come in black boxes, although PS4's is much smaller and doesn't require a power brick.
6. Both go on sale around November of this year, although PS4 is $100 less expensive.

Why would I possibly want an xbox one?

colonel1791946d ago

Excellent points! and also this proves that the field between Sony and Microsoft is NOT level. PS4 is still a better option and a better value. Choose whatever console you want, but facts are facts.

Rhinoceros1946d ago

It's like choosing between the speed snowboard and the tricky snowboard. Microsoft is better for multitasking, Sony has more raw power.

n4rc1946d ago

1.. In one or two aspects.. Dx11 etc can't be discounted

2..nope.. Incredibly slower but with higher bandwidth.. Proven as gfx memory, never been used as system memory

3.. Xbox has always had powered USB ports and can get a rechargeable for $15

4.. External storage makes this a moot point

5.. Irrelevant

6.. One goes on sale in November.. And its less expensive because you get less in the box.. Kind of a no brainer

Point is.. Its all subjective.. I'm not going to convince you to not get a ps4.. But at the same time, what can you say to convince me my choice is wrong?


Lunarassassin1946d ago

You just fanboyed all over that, didn't you?

Ju1945d ago

XBone deserves n4rc (++)

mcstorm1945d ago

I really all depends on how you look at it. Lets say you want a console for you and the family and there are 4 of you in the family. Now you want a core game so lets say Drive club and Forza is the choice. Then You want a dance game for the family so we just say just dance is the game for this. Now the xbox one will be £428.95 Then you need to get Just dance for £49.99 and Forza is £49.99 and you also need gold to play on line £36.98 so this will = £565.91 ( Prices)

Now for the PS4 you will need to spend £348.95 on the console then £44.99 on the camera then £25.66 x 4 for move controller (Amazon price as not on Zavvi) Plus Playstation + £36.99 (Amazon price again as not on Zavvi) then your games Driver Club £49.99 and Just Dance £49.99 this comes to £633.55 which would make the PS4 £67.64 more expensive to use for core and family games.

Im not saying one is better than the other but it all depends on how you look at it on which is better value for money.

Deividas1945d ago

Most people who are getting the playstation 4 are not getting the camera. So get rid of all those prices that have anything to do with it and then check your numbers again...

ravinash1945d ago

Why 4 controllers? Why not get 2 and take turns?
Plus you can use the controllers you got with the PS3.
If your worried about cost, you'd probably just get 2 controllers.

I think your just playing around with numbers here.

Oner1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

I hope you don't mind stage88 but I adjusted/expanded upon your list ~

1. Both have 8-core x86-64 CPUs & similar GPUs, although PS4's is faster/better.
2. Both have 8GB of RAM, although PS4's is faster/better.
3. Both have improved controllers, although PS4's is rechargeable and can recharge with the console off.
4. Both have a 500GB hard drive, although PS4's is user-upgradeable.
5. Both come in a new form factor, although the PS4 is much smaller and doesn't require a power brick (actually looking "nextgen" in its design as well).
6. Both go on sale around November of this year, although PS4 is $100 less expensive.
7. Both have great games although the PS brand continues to support it's last, current and next gen systems with constant titles being released across the board vs the Xbox brands known history.
8. Both need LIVE!/Plus although PS+ is not needed for F2P and access to apps that are behind a paywall like LIVE! (Netflix, Hulu, Skype etc) not to mention you get PSP, Vita, PSN, PS3, and PS4 games with Plus at $10 less a year.
9. Both use accessories although the PS4 is the only one compatible with not only previous gen items (Pulse headsets, Steering wheels etc) but with almost ANY Bluetooth device (i.e. keyboards, mice, earpieces + more) thus saving the consumer even more in the long run.

So now I ask/say this ~ which one offers more value to the consumer? I think it's quite obvious...

wynams1945d ago

To Stage and Oner ...

also not listed is:
PS4 is not overclocking components

ziggurcat1945d ago

@ n4rc:

"4.. External storage makes this a moot point"

it would be a moot point if you were able to access all of the external storage. they've just said, as far as i know, that it "supports" external media. i have not seen anything indicating that if you plug in a larger external drive that you have access to the whole drive. there's also been no indication that you can install, and run games from the external device. X360 also "supports" external media, but you only have access to (i think) 32GB.

so if it's anything like the X360, plugging in, say, a 1TB drive will be utterly useless if you can only use a fraction of the space.

_FantasmA_1945d ago

And the Comment of the Year Award goes to...Stage88!

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scofios1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

The question is do you need Xboxone because every 180 turn it becomes more and more Playstation 4 .
It doesn't have its on identeny anymore it's getting pathetic

negative1945d ago

The PS4 identity: a PS3 with better graphics.

wynams1945d ago

@neg entirely different beast than PS3 (no more cell processor, 16 fold increase in RAM, etc.)

Dude Dutch1945d ago

@negative: i think your name says is all......

Dude Dutch1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

@ negative: on the positive side i think we certainly need the ps4

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YNWA961946d ago

Cerny gives you all a warm fuzzy feeling that you want to bottle...

MysticStrummer1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

One doesn't need Kinect, and neither do all that many people if you go by Kinect's sales on 360, but you still have to buy Kinect if you want a One.

I don't want a camera on my console at all, and One's TV features are worthless to me because I haven't watched traditional TV in years, so it's still not a contest for my money.

PS4 me.

ZBlacktt1946d ago

Ubisoft is giving the PS4 exclusive content. So not just first party devs.

ShabbaRanks1946d ago

Ill ask her if need a PS4...


She said yes, but I didnt have much of a choice :/

blackbeld1945d ago

She looks almost real! Wow!

PS4 it is. M$ can kiss my (++)

adorie1945d ago

That character model always impresses me. I just hope that's what we get when KZ:SF is released.

It's razor sharp and has nice, fine details.

Only complaints I have is her lips need to be just a bit smaller, even just the bottom lip, and a more proportioned nose.

badkolo1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

all devs who made games that dissapeared in weeks, none of those games form any of those devs has any staying power, gears , halo, ccod, all games that people still play

for the love of god, even with sony's hit they are still preying to get a game like halo, nmothing on the ps3 lasted more then a month before it was forgot no matter how good it was

ravinash1945d ago

Thats mainly because PS has a selection of games to pick from.
Outside Gears & halo, what other IP are the to play that PS does not have it's own similar thing?
COD is on both, Forza PS has GT.

GoodnessGreatness1945d ago

There's too much selection of games on PS3 to remember everything. I'm sure people will remember how the 360 sucked so bad with its lack of games.

kenshiro1001945d ago

What kind of a stupid question is IGN asking? I don't see why anyone who's already getting a PS4 would just change their minds because Microsoft decided to do a 180 spin on their policies.

assdan1945d ago

Nope nope nope. I'll just go play Ryse: son of lame. If they were the same price, the playing field would be level. Yes, I truly think PS4 and Xbox one would be about the same value if they were both the same price and the xbox one still came with kinnect.

abzdine1945d ago

you've said it all! Bottom line!!!

MehmetAlperTR1945d ago

Yes i agree.. Because of Sony Exclusives. I need PS4 and 5 -6 - 7 forever.

xXSilentXx1945d ago

ign is joke! they are trolling again. Xbox one is and will need kinect to be turned on. and even like that the Xbox one will en be shipped with the kinect. Same price less bullshit. we all know that IGN is pro Microsoft because MS is paying IGN as a sponsor.


ziggurcat1945d ago

you must have missed the part where MS announced that you don't need to plug the kinect into the console anymore.