Keeping your PS3/360 plugged in: Good point IGN now let me add to that

SchollA from CCU writes:
IGN recently wrote an article compiling a list of some of the great games coming out, and stated for this reason we as gamers shouldn't be in such a rush to toss our current consoles to the side — which are indeed great reasons.

I personally see that realization in my own gaming life as the back half of this year is filled with games I want. Every month leading up to the next generation I want at least one title; Splinter Cell: Blacklist in August, (Madden NFL 25 would’ve been included but I think I’ll wait for the next gen version) Grand Theft Auto V in September, Batman: Arkham Origins in October, Beyond: Two Souls in October then boom! Next Generation starts in November (allegedly :) ). Actually these games force my current console to remain relevant (should be a nice send off too).

But I thought the article was going in a different direction and well…since it didn’t, allow me to add to that.

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LucasEVille1950d ago

My 360 will stay very relevant in my life despite my xbox one preorder, I've managed to pick up a "Gaems g155" portable gaming environment so I will be using my 360 for Gta V around the house, in the car, on holiday, at parties etc.

Elda1950d ago

My PS3 will continue to be around well into the next year,2 exclusive jrpg's just dropped including more on the way into the next year,the game Beyond including some multi plats.

LucasEVille1950d ago

I was going to ask why I got disagrees but then I realised I mentioned preordering xbox one and this is Nps4G.

vigilante_man1950d ago

Big mistake.

But blame MS. You are fully entitled to buy what you want but MS are making fools of themselves at the moment. Every other day brings new things to ridicule and that is not fair on gamers like you who are willing to pay good money for their product.

Let's just hope they actually settle down and decide what the XB1 is actually going to be and then concentrate on delivering a great service for its loyal customers like you!

LucasEVille1949d ago

I agree, all the "180s" have been nothing short of a pr disaster and an embarrassment but I think both the ps4 and xbox one are going to be the most competitive yet in terms of MS trying to recapture their share of the market. Good for competition, good for gamers.

gobluesamg1949d ago

I disagreed because you said you would play during parties. Get in there, have a drink and socialize you dork.

FamilyGuy1949d ago

The article has a legit argument about the install base of multiplayer gaming on a brand new system. The more people that move over, the smaller these current gen system install bases will be though. We'll be split for a year or 2 but most of us are ready to move on to next gen because this gen has lasted so long already. We were all expecting the announcements of next gen systems at the 2012 E3.

Add to that, seeing that many of your friends have moved on will drag you along too which will further increase the install base of the next gen systems.