Grand Theft Auto V Is 100% HandCrafted, Has Unlimited Draw Distance

In an interview released to Buzzfeed, Aaron Garbut, who has been Rockstar North‘s Art Director since GTA III, talked extensively about the upcoming GTA V. According to him, the game world is completely handcrafted despite being absolutely huge, with a result far superior to that of GTA IV.

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Prcko1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

We’ve simply not copied buildings around the map or procedurally generated the terrain to pad it out. It’s all handcrafted, all unique, and we’ve gone over it all again and again and again to make sure there’s enough layering of detail that I don’t think many people will ever see everything we’ve put into the world. That in itself, though, means that most people will have different experiences.
We used to call Liberty City a living, breathing world, but this is way beyond anything we’ve done before.


Alexious1951d ago

Yeah, now we need the PC ultimate version though!

Prcko1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

i still can't decide: buy it for ps3 or w8 for pc version
i really wanna try it day one,but in other hand i wanna play this in full hd glory...

FlameHawk1951d ago

Im buying it for my PS3, why the hell would I wait for this awesome game.

ArtificiallyYours1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Implying that people care whether or not it's on PC currently.

Hasn't come out yet, why be on edge about a PC version?

Eldyraen1951d ago

I'll end up buying it on console at release and then later on if it does come out for PC I'll probably buy it again--on sale most likely (unless retail price warrants it--including all DLC). I'm fine with picking up most games on PC at full price but if its a game I already own the likelihood of full price purchase is really, really low.

Its the risk companies take for delayed releases imho.

Doesn't have to be a huge discount though as I'm picking up Castlevania LoS day 1 ;)

I just can't wait for a possibility most of the time--if they give a set date not as big of a deal though.

SonyPS41951d ago

Until a PC version actually exists, I will enjoy the PS3 version.

Iceman_Nightmare1950d ago

Yeah huh, so you PC guys can put RockstarGames in debt by pirating GTA V... no go buy a console, and play it on it!

CaptainFaisal1950d ago

The game in my opinion would be much better on PS4 and XBOX One than on PC. As the devs would optimize their game to run on consoles which makes it very good and smooth like PlanetSide 2 on PS4 it runs on ultra and is easy to do!
If you wan mods well yes PC is the best but didnt Microsoft say that you can also mod games using your Xbox One ? so basically i want the game On PS4,X1, And PC! waaaay better than ps3 and x360 -.- but the game still looks amazing !

Alexious1950d ago

Wow people, why the hate on PC? The more platforms it releases, the better. Plus, obviously a PC release would have better graphics.

mewhy321950d ago

This game looks as good or better than any xbone game that I've seen yet.

fr0sty1950d ago

I'll wait on a next gen port... being that this game is made with current gen in mind, I seriously doubt there will be anything in the PC version that the PS4 couldn't handle with ease. Plus I'll have the comfort of being able to play in my living room, since I don't want a large and noisy gaming rig sitting under my TV.

CapsLocke1950d ago

The amount of dislikes clearly shows the amount of butthurt console peasants.

ProjectVulcan1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

I bought GTA4 on PS3 launch day, then traded it for the PC version as soon as it was available and kept the PC version.

However seeing the 360 version had better performance of GTA4, I bought the DLC as standalones on 360, then again traded it for the PC version of the DLC later.

I'll do the same here, but probably go for the PS3 version with GTA5.

Seems to me Rockstar got a better handle on PS3 now, hopefully it should at least match the 360 version for performance and it'll be all on one disc. Not to mention I am used to GTA on the playstation pad, starting with GTA3.

I'll be wanting a PC version asap just the same though- we saw that they have even higher quality assets just waiting to be unleashed on PC

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TedCruzsTaint1951d ago

I feel the same way.
I really want to play the game at launch, but I know the PC version will be a lot better.
I will probably wait it out though.

1951d ago
Sam Fisher1951d ago

Does any1 know that gta will be day 1 dl on ps3?

slimeybrainboy1951d ago

Judging my how massive it sounds it'll be day 2 by the time you download it.

1951d ago
jessupj1950d ago

I just jizzed in my pants. So pumped for this game.

Consoldtobots1950d ago

I disagree with your assessment, this isn't amazing, this is what all devs should provide for the money they charge for these games. Lazy gameworlds are one of my biggest pet peeves and make me put a title down faster than crap thru a goose.

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ZBlacktt1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Next they'll be saying they can make next Gen specs on the current gen consoles. I understand they see the Next Gen consoles coming out a month or so later and they are not on them. Sure it will be a awesome game still. Just wish is was on the next Gen as well.

So much butthurt on this site, lol... PS4, 8 times more powerful then PS3. So no way could the game not be/look any better, no...

SpideySpeakz1950d ago

Releasing on next-gen would kill GTAV sales. They'll be committing financial suicide. Best option is to wait a few years, then port it over. I really wish people stop complaining about this, because everyone knows the deal with Rockstar. They do this every console generation.

ZBlacktt1950d ago

No one is complaining. It makes good use of current gen consoles, lol. Otherwise people would flood to the Next Gen. But yeah it's all good, next Gen has Watch Dogs and AC4 BF, The Division, Infamous SS to name a few that will be Next Gen spec with open world. So not like no one will not have plenty to do.

Spinal1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

No it wouldn't be financial suicide idiot. It would be if they announced it now. They will wait for it to be released then early 2014 they will announce the PC an next gen versions to make even more money they will be released next year not in a couple years that would be stupid. But 6-9 months after launch would be a financial gain for them as the new console buyers will need new games.

Consoldtobots1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

what's with calling people idiots?

lighten up francis we're only discussing a hobby.

Benjammin251950d ago

When I heard that there wasn't a PS4 version of this game currently in the works, I was a bit pissed if I'm being honest. But if everything they're saying here is true, I'll be just fine with the PS3 version...for now.

SolidStoner1950d ago

they didnt say anything about the PS4..

it will be a surprise, trust me... :)

RedHawkX1951d ago

day one on the ps3 because im not into tortureing myself and then pc versions later if i still got money after getting a ps4.

ABeastNamedTariq1951d ago

I have to preorder the Special Edition soon. It's already sold out for PS3 at GameStop. That steelbook will go nicely with my one for TLOU.