Project Phoenix Will let You Skip DRM if You Opt to Play Offline

Project Phoenix is speeding towards its first stretch goal with $305,209 pledged on Kickstarter at the moment of this writing, and the development team made the “huge DRM announcement” that was teased earlier today.

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leahcim1865d ago

awww man, I wished this game could have been entirely offline with all the efforts put on the story and gameplay.

Abriael1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

Doesn't mean Co-op is a bad thing. The Seiken densetsu 3 co-op was great fun.

it's time for people to stop complaining about online when it actually brings stuff to the table.

Blastoise1865d ago

It's amazing how much people are supporting this. You can literally just watch it rise. I look forward to seeing some gameplay

HammadTheBeast1865d ago

2 days and it's already getting to second stretch goal.

dcj05241865d ago

My vita can't wait. Now if only she had a bigger memory card (HINT HINT SONY)

TheOneEyedHound1865d ago

Ah ah go hard! I jack I rob I Sin I am jackie robinson

richierich1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

The amount of kickstarter backers proves that people want a lot more JRPGs