Ranking RPG Franchises By Their Musical Scores

In a genre where great music is often the industry standard, picking the standout titles is no small task. Take a look below at five of the best RPG scores to ever grace the gaming world.

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Godmars2901582d ago

Articles like this make me think that story means nothing to the modern RPG audience.

Pintheshadows1582d ago

I don't think that is true. I just think it is just a different way to rate RPG's. The story is always the most important factor as otherwise you can't become immersed and that is a fatal flaw for an RPG to have. Unless of course it is a lootdriven game.

Donnieboi1582d ago

On topic:

The dot.Hack series had some insanely good music

tacotruck1582d ago

Out of curiosity, how so?

Godmars2901582d ago

The only "good" example I have in Mass Effect, where good character presentation got confused with good story. Bioshock Infinite is another. They're games which have flawed fundamentals in their narration, but are largely forgiven because of delivery.

1582d ago
3-4-51582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

No, but Music plays a more important factor that most people think, when it comes to how games make you feel and how much you enjoy them.

Go play your favorite game to "other" music or no music.

Go play a game with great/classic music, and now play it while listening to crappy music.

It makes a huge difference and certain games I'll keep playing just a few more tries or one more turn, or another hours, just because I'm enjoying the music and everything else.

I should also add that if your going to make a list like this, it need to be at least top 20 RPG franchises.

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xXxSeTTriPxXx1582d ago

Any one track in nier would kill this entire list.guest its a popularity of rpg music list.

tacotruck1582d ago

To be completely honest, I would have loved to include Nier. However, I was making an attempt to look franchises as a whole. While Dark Souls and EarthBound are referred to individually, both Demon's Souls and the rest of the Mother series have great music that could have been mentioned.

Nier's music is amazing, however it just doesn't fit the list.

Now if there was a list of the best music in general....

Sephiroushin1582d ago

OMG so I guess this person do not know about Nier ...

tacotruck1582d ago


See above comment for the scoop on the lack of Nier's inclusion.

I'm glad to see such a vocal Nier fanbase at least.

AsimLeonheart1582d ago

The list is missing Chrono Cross and Xenogears!

Neckbear1582d ago

An article about RPG music that doesn't include Ar tonelico? Blasphemy!

Inception1582d ago

Yup, no Ar Tonelico? no Xenogears? what the hell. Replace Earthbound or Dark Souls with them than we're talking :)

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The story is too old to be commented.