How the Last of Us Creates a New Vision for the Post Apocalypse

What the Last of Us does differently from most Post Apocalyptic games, and what needs to be learned from the title.

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Dan_scruggs1947d ago

It's not a new vision. It essentially ripped off The Road and took most of its style from I Am Legend then changed the word zombie to fungus. It's a great game and it's exceptionally well made but it was severely lacking originality. Although that seems to be a common problem with Naughty Dog.

Irishguy951947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Plot wise and story/setting sure. But they do gameplay well. They won't take risks at all which is fine. Keeping it simple and throwing visuals at people got them many goty awards, sales, and many fans claiing them to have made the greatest game ever etc so why would they bother trying to innovate? Atleast you know you're getting a good game if ND make it

ABeastNamedTariq1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Dat stealth trolling though....

EDIT: They took some risks with the aspects of the plot. They touched on subjects most developers wouldn't do. Rape, homosexuality, child abuse, etc.

They take their experiences and learn from them to make better games.

I said what I said because you make it seem like they were pulling a COD.

1947d ago
DigitalRaptor1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Neil and Bruce wear their influences on their sleeves. The Road (novel), No Country for Old Men, City of Thieves (novel), 28 Days Later, Children of Men, I am Legend, The Walking Dead, Planet Earth and more. They create a game that they would like to play that hasn't been made yet, and if you're telling me there exists a game out there that matches The Last of Us's finesse at what it does and does extremely well, then I'd gladly call you out.

Your lack of knowledge about how this game even started is showing. Before the "zombies" even existed the concept of this game was a relationship between 2 characters that develops slowly over the course of an entire game. This was based on ND's own Uncharted 2's ice cave level with Tenzin and Drake.

The main driving force behind the "zombies" never existed as zombies. They were watching BBC's Planet Earth - this episode, and that become the backdrop to the story and infected themes. the question.. what if this happened to humans? These infected things are living, suffering humans, not generic evil zombies. That was how they could justify the world in which two characters would bond and grow towards each other. The whole fungal backdrop is something that has never been explored and ND nailed it as an original concept.

Enough interviews have covered all this, but I'll continue.

They knew they wanted an emotive story and tense atmosphere that would feel real and permeate your senses and emotions, based on their love for the intensity of the film No Country for Old Men, in which no music plays throughout large sections, it's dialogue light and has tense moments that they wanted to replicate and convey similar interactions in both cutscene and gameplay. Watch that film by the way, incredible stuff.

@ irishguy95 - your stealth trolling is fooling no one.

Irishguy951947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

Why is iy trolling if you simply disagree with me? You can talk all you want about how tlou came to doesnt change the fact that tlou infected are just another set.of infected akin to zombies...crabheads...28 days latet "rage" infected etc. I don't know why people have such a problem accepting that...there is literally nothing wrong with.them being "just more infected". What you're simply doing is trying your best to give them some originality when the rrsemnlance to other stories is as blatant as can be. ND used cordycdeps instead of virus, magic, voodoo,aliens, parasite..the resilt is tge same. Stop trying to sugarcoat it or make it seem any better than the rest. I mean do you really think tlou is the first zombie game where the infected aren't the walking dead?

TricksterArrow1947d ago

It's a new vision as far as games are concerned.

Irishguy951947d ago

Ever hear of tokyo jungle ?


Really its.not something so new its worth talking about. Also to the author ...nuclear winter - stalker. By far the best post apoc world in gaming imso far. Really nails the sense of a broken dark world

TricksterArrow1947d ago

So? Are they as emotionally charged as TLOU? Do they take risks in showing kids being mangled and touching upon stuff like morals or the lack of it of every character, including the protagonists? Do they make the point of the world being able to live on even without us instead of being all doom and gloom all over? Do they even have humor for that matter?

A better example to say that TLOU is lacking in originality would be "I Am Alive", which is as beautifully crafted as... Your next average game. Or maybe even The Walking Dead, but they're totally different genres in which case one could argue that TWD is also a new vision on Apocalypse games alongside TLOU.

Irishguy951947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

As I said...ND do things well. Doesn't make them innovative. Hey emotion in a game is special now? Just listen to yourself. ND deserve credit. But they don't deserve this much credit for every single possible thing that can be done. Emotion is not new. Humor is not new. Nature is not new. Post apocalyptic and humanity is certainly not new. ND basically take some.movies and turn them into vidro games for there stories. Tlou being mainly the road and i am legend mixed together with Nathan Drake and ellen page on top. And that is fine. Not all games nee to go for something new. ND have been about presentation pace and gameplay this gen. Keeping to simple proven stories that the majority will enjoy. Have a look at james camerons avatar. That is ND. Same story that most will enjoy. Cameron didn't want to risk messing up his visual masterpiece by failing with a story that might end up messing up so he stuck pochahontis onto a sci fi setting and added action

TricksterArrow1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

There's the problem. You're confusing NEW VISON, with ORIGINALITY.

See, two completely different things. My story doesn't need to be original for me to take a different view on it.

There's nothing like it on games nowadays regarding this particular theme and genre. So, yeah, it's a new vision on a tired old theme.