Grand Theft Auto V Mega Breakdown: Flight School, Tramway, Snow, And More

Check out what's new in Grand Theft Auto V in this Mega Breakdown.

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SanMarco1950d ago

God. I always wanted a G class Mercedes. Now I'll finally have one!.... Well Kinda:/

RedHawkX1950d ago

this game is gonna be sick. i never understood the people who dont like grand theft auto games or open world games. what the f is wrong with those people? gta and open world is what games are all about its the definition of gaming.

NukaCola1950d ago

Some people like more structure. You get a lot of people who hated GTA 4 but love everything else R* did.

RedHawkX1950d ago

i lol at the people who say they prefer saints row the crap game lol. gta will always be the best open world crime game etc.

1950d ago
Jeff2571950d ago

There is nothing wrong with Saints Row. I am looking forward to Saints Row IV. I am also looking forward to GTA V as well. Both are really fun open world games. Saints Row has just gone more the other direction to get even wilder and crazier and for some they prefer that. Others like the more realistic approach that has been happening to the GTA games. Either way there is no reason why people can't play and enjoy both.

marloc_x1949d ago you parents know you are playing GTA?