Preview: Killzone: Mercenary (This Is My Joystick)

The preview level kicks off as big and as loud as you’d expect from this series, with the protagonist skydiving headfirst from a drop-ship and using a wingsuit to aim for a Helghast rail-car. It’s a phenomenal sight as the character weaves through the smoke and clouds, dodging enemy ships and gunfire above the Helghan skyline. Your mission upon landing is to rejig the enemy’s anti-air cannons to fire on their own ships. On the way to doing this, you need to clear areas of enemies, hit switches, hack terminals and defend key locations before evacuating safely. Typical military-themed objectives, then.

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Godlovesgamers1951d ago

My only concern is that this game will look so much like a PS3 Killzone game that I'll forget that I'm play a PSVita and try to do an R3 press to initiate running and break the Vita's right joystick.

porkChop1951d ago

That's one thing I wish for on the Vita. Clickable thumbsticks. I can do without R2/L2, but the clickable thumbs are a must. Would have made sprinting so much easier. The Vita's sticks actually do click a bit, but obviously it's not set up to register it as a control.