How Big is PS4 Really Going to Be?

IGN - Size comparisons really do matter, but abstract measurements mean nothing. Here are some that make sense.

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user74029311946d ago

its awesome how much pure bleeding edge top notch tech is in that little box

Convas1946d ago

Hyperbole? Has to be hyperbole.

Conzul1946d ago

If Sony had the foresight to put in an SSD, his statement would be sound.

For that $100 price difference between XBone and PS4, they could have put in a Momentus XT. Now THAT, would have been next-gen.

Blackdeath_6631946d ago

the HDD is user replaceable the real foresight would be to support SSD's not necessarily include it with the console since that would increase the attractive price point which seems to have been a key selling point for many.

mikeslemonade1946d ago

The only thing the X1 won in this generation is that they made a bigger console

SilentNegotiator1945d ago

I think he's joking because the video clip picture shows the guy holding it with two fingers. Not really sure, though.

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DoomeDx1946d ago

Bleeding edge top notch?

THe PS4 is an amazing device. And I will definatly buy it. But bleeding edge top notch? No way lol

TomShoe1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Sexy. How are they supposed to make a PS4 slim?

TI_211946d ago

When 20nm manufacturing hits the market the size should be able to go down quite a bit.

Expect that to be the case shortly after gamescom 2015, price might also go down to 300$ at that point.
400$ bundles probably will show up next holiday season since the price of GDDR5 is expected to drop quite a bit during the following year and that takes up about 1/4th of the consoles manufacturing costs at the moment.

bromtown1945d ago

The PS4 slim will just be a blu-ray case that you plug in to the wall and put your games in haha

GribbleGrunger1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

I still think this is the better size comparison:

Blackdeath_6631946d ago

or i think more people can relate to this picture

bigfish1946d ago

The more i look at the ps4 the more beautiful it seems, like an architectural masterpeice that has to be looked at carefully to really be appreciated... good work sony

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iamnsuperman1946d ago

This is like some really weird apple advert.

OT: it is smaller than I thought it would be

Sitdown1946d ago

Probably the white background, quirky music, and lack of words. This would make a great how small it is, then show how great the power comparison to a volcano, Godzilla, etc...

Dlacy13g1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

edit: just watched the video... on par with the PS3 slim which is a great size.

JewyMcJew1946d ago

Advantage of using "off-the-shelf" pc parts (I exaggerate) is the ability to take advantage of all the energy saving technology AMD has build to satisfy its labtop customers.

I am hoping because of this, that in 5 years Sony will release a $350 portable PS4 as the next PSP.

This way, they can extend the life of their software.

WeedyOne1945d ago

Isn't the vita with remote play kind of the same as a mobile ps4?

Studio-YaMi1946d ago

That's was kinda enjoyable to watch .. but pointless at the same time,lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.