Microsoft will be giving away an Xbox One every hour during the Gamescom

Microsoft has publicly detailed its plans for Gamescom next week, with the Xbox One maker promising "exciting news" from the company.

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lilbrat231774d ago

Talk about desperate. I am still holding off on this system I have a feeling MS has sneaky stuff up their sleeves.

Heartnet1774d ago

People who turn down free consoles are either trolling or stupid

badz1491774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )


AGREED! I'm not a fan of Xbox but if they are giving it for free, why not? use it or resell it, there's really nothing to lose!

fanboyism is one thing but being stupid is totally another matter.

jessupj1774d ago

I wouldn't call it desperate. It's a nice gesture for the fans that will be attending.

It would be funny if a fanboy won one and when they got on stage to receive it they said "Nah thanks, I won't be using that so you might as well give it to someone else."

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so no time of the MS press conference yet?

Lucreto1774d ago

It is a private media event so no conference. They will release videos during the day.

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The story is too old to be commented.