Strategy Informer: Rocketmen: Axis of Evil Review

Rob Rymond of Strategy Informer writes: "Created by the team at Wizkids, it takes on the world of Flash Gordon, who is the King of the Rocketmen and is based on the tabletop 'constructible' game which allows you to evolve your character during play and construct parts associated with them. Despite the idea being fairly good, the transition to Xbox Live Arcade has been poor. It's essentially a twin-stick shooter affair with a few RPG elements thrown into the mix.

The story then in short (I don't want to bore you!). Earth is being invaded by its neighbours in the solar-system and Mars is due to make the first strike. The heroes Nick, Sion, Alec and Mink are all freedom fighters for the Alliance of Free Planets and there quest is to strike back against the Legion of Terra that are sending wave-after-wave of bloodthirsty fighters."

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