There’s “A Great Selection of new Content on the way for LittleBigPlanet”

While you’re probably sick of any type of tease about LittleBigPlanet at this point, Steven Isbell, LittleBigPlanet Community Coordinator, replied to a someone who was excited for gamescom next week.

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dbjj120881801d ago

I've moved beyond LBP at this point. Do a lot of people still play/make levels for it?

fantasygamer1801d ago

Over 8 million levels have been made so far.

JackBNimble1801d ago

I love this game because it brings out the creativity in my kids. My 7 year old has become quite good at building levels and building crazy and abstract contraptions.

He makes a father proud.

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sinncross1801d ago

LBP2 was my first exposure to the series and I did enjoy it.

WeAreLegion1801d ago

Started a new level on LBP Vita last night. I forgot how intricate that game is. It blows my mind. I created a fun little world in like twenty minutes. I'll spend more time on it tonight.

If any game can make someone want to develop video games, it's LittleBigPlanet.

knifefight1801d ago

It is.
And it's a damn shame that thing isn't more popular than it is. Way under-appreciated.

Rezka1801d ago

I might enter the contest haven't really created a new level in a while though :D

Jughead34161801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

LBP Vita is pretty much as good as LBP 2. It however, hasnt been supported very well with items to create levels with. It has more costumes than I can use, but limited level creation items. So this is a welcome DLC pack as a regular level creator for LBP. Look up my username RAMBO3416 on LBP2 for some pretty cool Megaman style levels I've created. I'm hoping to make these types of levels for the VITA

fredrikpedersen1801d ago

LittleBigPlanet 2 is my favorite game

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