The Xbox One80: Are Microsoft’s Changes Helping Or Hurting?

Microsoft has been reversing many controversial design decisions built into the upcoming Xbox One. Are these new changes helping or is the ill-will of the internet forever damning the console as the Xbox One80?

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NatureOfLogic1946d ago

Imo, both. It's pure damage control. You wouldn't think MS has ever had a successful console the way their handling the Xbox One's pre launch.

Muerte24941946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

They see how gamers are receiving the Playstation 4 compared to the Xbox One. Microsoft is now trying to get their own system as close to PS4 as possible. It's an attempt to say: "Hey check us out over here. We're looking more and more like the competitor day by day!" In my eyes, it just says that Sony had a plan and executed it. Since Microsoft is now trying to emulate them, they must be on the right track. My faith in Microsoft has dwindled simply because they say one thing and do the complete opposite later. Anything they say has no weight now because people will think they'll just backtrack on it later.

steve30x1946d ago

Until they leave us have most of the features work without having Xbox Gold then it wont be as good as the PS4. Theres too many restrictions for having gold at the moment

jamesg1946d ago

how is your comment 5 minutes
old but the post has only been up for 3 minutes?

AztecFalcon1946d ago

He commented back before the post was approved. The timer on the page resets when a post is approved.

TrollCraftTales1946d ago

Both... changing the system may help it overall, but it is hard to get hyped about something If it just gets changed or removed, and for anyone that thinks MS is untrustworthy, this shows them that MS can change whatever they wqnt whenever they want, also since they arr starting to make the XBox more like the PS4 with different games, I myself do not care about the tv and other features the x1 has, and I need to save up money for a god PC, so since the PS4 does everything I care about but cheaper, the choice is obvious for me...

GryestOfBluSkies1946d ago

it helps for the people who needed a little convincing to get the console. it hurts for the people who have already written off the company as one who can't be trusted