8-Bit Underpants talks their banned game, censorship and games as a political artform

Joyful Executions is perhaps the most controversial game to grace mobile devices in a while. Focusing on a little North Korean girl who has been promoted to the job of Kommissar and tasked with killing everyone “The Divine Leader” determines to be a traitor. The kicker is, despite the subject matter, the creator’s modesty and a few bumps in the mechanics, the game is actually a lot of fun. The censored version of the game was banned from iTunes, but the complete uncensored version is avaliable for Android tablets right now on Google Play. (It may work with some phones, but was designed to be played on tablets and has some issues with a lot of devices.) Fredrik Nordstrom, the founder and sole employee of 8-bit Underpants took some time to talk to us about Joyful Executions, art and messages in gaming, censorship by governments and corporations and where he goes from here.

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