Nintendo Hopes to Transcend to Wider Audiences with The Wonderful 101

Nintendo UK is looking to entice onlooking fans with The Wonderful 101 for Wii U. The company hopes to revitalize excitement for their indisposed console with a combination of new titles supported by Nintendo’s franchises.

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thomasmiller1946d ago

I think it can happen, the wonderful 101 and pikmin 3 are just the beginning! with mario, zelda, donkey kong, mario kart, smash bros., Bayonetta 2, Monolith's X, the wii u will start picking up...the wonderful 101, looks incredible, and this new IP, YES I SAID NEW IP!! hopefully will catch on, I know i will be buying it from day 1!!101 that is! LOL!

cleft51946d ago

Indeed and I am really pleased to see Nintendo so aggressively pushing Kamiya's game. Platinum Games could use a hit and they deserve to be treated well and have their IPs marketed well.

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nyobzoo1946d ago

A brand new ip with little to no advertisements, yea it probably won't do so well

Misaka_x_Touma1946d ago

someone didn't play the demo since it available worldwide now

didn't watch The Wonderful 101 Direct

Yep1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Or the two Japanese Commercials that launched the right after the direct (Probably will get some western ones closer to release).

I dunno, maybe read the article?

MilkMan1946d ago

Let me just say this, The Wonderful 101 is an EXCELLENT game. It should sell well and it should move some systems. Since Pikmin 3 the WiiU is kicking ass. Im very happy with my purchase, to say nothing of all the VC games they have also. People talk about the future of gaming, the WiiU is already doing most of the stuff the other guys are talking about. That gamepad is very cool and it works great. I cant even think of playing Pikmin with out it.

With 3DS triumphant, the WiiU will follow. I have no doubts about it.