How Should Nintendo Move Forward with The Legend of Zelda Series?

GotGame: When you hear the name, Legend of Zelda, what comes to mind? An epic adventure story set in a world of fantasy, expansive dungeons where you test your skills with numerous new tools, a large world where you are free to explore and complete side quests and mini games to your heart’s content? After 25 years, it is these qualities and much more that gamers have come to expect from Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series

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thomasmiller1946d ago

as long as the game is good, wind waker, majora's mask, link to the past, it doesn't really matter. I love all these games, and They are all different in their own way. stay the same, change, as long as it is a great game, I will be happy!

3-4-51946d ago

I want a Wind Waker "type" game, but with SS,OoT,ALttP,MM elements.

filchron1946d ago

i remember when nintendo always used to innovate in graphics AND gameplay. nintendo can still make a hardcore graphically stunning zelda game without having it need to be "mature" or whatever. the zelda space jam gamecube tech demo was better than the wii-u tech demo. i imagined something visually brilliant, even better than uncharted. 60 fps, animation blending, tesselation, but still lighthearted and fun, no voice acting except for SFX. instead what they showed for wii-u barely looked like an unreal engine 2.5 game :S zelda games used to be awesome for exploration but uncharted took the crown in terms of presentation, and i say its time for zelda to get it back. if nintendo says their hardware can hold its own with this coming gen of PS and XB consoles then lets see them prove it!

betan211946d ago

I wanna see him fully voices for once.

SchwoererBear1946d ago

Nintendo needs to move away from being a family room novalty. make a competitive console that can compete with others. I think LOZ needs to move in the direction of Wind Waker, that was an excellent game that gave you freedom and the opprotunity to explore. combine those elements into something fresh and relevant and the series could be rebooted. I love nintendo but it is hard to justify buying Wi U when next gen consoles are coming soon.

Wni01946d ago

Idk maybe make a new game and not just some HD remake Bullsh*t.

ABeastNamedTariq1946d ago

Did you not like the Wind Waker? I personally thought it was fantastic, and the remake looks beautiful. At least, to me.

Lord_Sloth1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Nowhere in his post did he suggest not liking Wind Waker! Stop looking for a fight by getting all defensive when no attack was made! Some of us still have our original copies of older games and would rather see new games instead of the OoT Super Giga Mega HD remake #15.

ABeastNamedTariq1946d ago


You're kidding me right? I asked a SIMPLE question. Where was I defensive? Do you not know how to interpret tone?

I asked a simple question. He seems pretty annoyed by the remake, so I asked if he liked the original, and gave my opinion on the new one.

You're the one who seems to be looking for a fight, and it makes you look sad. You have your opinion, I have mine. I wanted to know his.

Who did I attack? It certainly wasn't him. Did I call him stupid for not wanting a remake? No. Did I insult him? No.

I shouldn't even have to explain myself because it wasn't an attack. Smh..

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