Will the PS4 be lead system and receive primary support from third parties?

When the current generation of systems began, Microsoft was on the market unchallenged for a full year (or a year and a half if your in Europe). And because of that, many third parties became accustomed to the xbox 360 long before the Playstation 3 even hit the market. The result of that was that many third parties used the xbox 360 as the lead platform for their games.

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WorldGamer1953d ago

Wow, completely the opposite of last generation.

Should work out great for everyone, since each platform should be utilized to the max. I'm guessing that even PC will benefit from this in some ways.

I can't wait to get my hands on the PS4, gamers the world over rejoice. AWESOME!

Crazyglues1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Yeah I think this time around PS4 is going to be the lead system, I think companies are really happy with the system and are loving the power..

So should indeed bring us some amazing games.. I can't wait to start playing BF4 on PS4, I just feel like having the game finally be at 60fps is going to be awesome.. huge battlefield fan..

So far developers have had nothing but good things to say about the PS4..

Big difference from what we got when PS3 launched.

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1953d ago
Neixus1953d ago

I'm speaking as a neutral person, who owns 360,ps3 and a gaming pc.

This would be really great, because then devs can generally makes better games on all platforms.
It was a problem this generation, developing for xbox360 and porting to ps3 made it so the ps3 didn't utilize it's full potentional.
Now games will look and run really great on the ps4, and porting over to xbone wouldn't be any problem. As they both use the same archetype x84 ( i think )

ZBlacktt1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

That's because the PS3 is a Blu-ray player vs the DVD drive. A lot more detail and content goes on a single Blu-ray disc compared to DVD's. We see MS after 7 years later made this move on the X1.

Belking1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

no, it won't. Some games will lead on PS4 and some on Xbox-one since porting will be easier. people seem to think that just because ps4 is easy to develop for, that xbox-one is harder. No way. MS will always have those superior dev tools.
Just look at the titles they have doing 60fps out of the gate compared to ps4 one's.

Smoovekid1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

What superior dev tools?

"Just look at the titles they have doing 60fps out of the gate compared to ps4 one's."

A racing game and a fighting game, yeah thats amazing /sarcasm.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1953d ago

Nobody is saying X1 is difficult to develope for, but it is more difficult than PS4. PS4 is using simpler architecture and Sony always has better tools hence the reason why Sony exclusives blow away everything on xbox.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1953d ago

Actually, I think it's the opposite. Ps4 is easier to develop for and more powerful, so there is less unknown when it comes to development. It would make more sense to develop for the least common denominator (xbone), because if it can run on xbox it should run on ps4 as well with less hassle in porting.

Devs found that out late this gen. remember how 360 used to be the lead but they switched to ps3?

nooneknows1953d ago

Not trying to be rude here, I give Microsoft credit for the changes but lets be honest.

The changes they are making are changes gamers have been waiting for a long time. This isn't stuff we haven't seen on the PS4.

As of now Microsoft is only playing catch-up, Sony won a lot of gamers trust.

ZBlacktt1953d ago

You mean MS was forced to make changes. Otherwise their system would be selling even less then it already is. This is all credit to Sony for doing it right the first time.

lodossrage1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )



That's why I don't understand how some people say "Microsoft are listening to the customers".

No, they're listening/ seeing the pre order numbers. I'm sure they seen the internet the same way Sony and Nintendo does. When most of their policies were only rumors (before the official announcement), people were VERY vocal about how they didn't want them. Yet they went along and made the rumors real.

And to make it worse, they had the nerve to stick by their restrictive ideals for a good month, constantly saying they were keeping things as is even with people going ballistic about it. Then, when the pre orders of the PS4 started to overshadow the Xbox One's too much, they caved to the pressures and started doing away with the restrictions.

If they "listened" to the customer, the restrictions would have NEVER happened in the first place.

People can delude themselves all they want. But make no mistake, if the Xbox One was the one ahead in pre orders, all those restrictions would still be there right now

nades_all_night1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

"If they "listened" to the customer, the restrictions would have NEVER happened in the first place. "

I would like to take an AD out on N4G, and put this in Arial Black, as big as pixels would allow, so everyone can soak it in!

Finally, someone can differentiate between listening to gamers, and listening to numbers. Thank you.

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