Microsoft has an announcement around "Europe's biggest franchise" at Gamescom

Microsoft has something interesting to announce about “Europe’s biggest franchise” at Gamescom later this month.

Speaking on Major Nelson’s podcast, Xbox Studios head Phil Spencer divulged details about Microsoft’s presentation at Gamescom.

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inf3cted11776d ago

Feature: You can use the kinect as a football.

Blacktric1776d ago

*que in the videos of hundreds of people accidently headbutting their tv*

Neixus1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

kinect as a football? so you go into a fetus position and roll around then? With multiplayer, friends kicking you around.

EDIT: oh i get it know, you meant kinect as itself.. i'm so stupid. but my idea would totally make fifa sell 10x more,right?

guitarded771776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

New slogan - "You are the football".

dale_denton1776d ago

don't forget about the powerbrick as the back up football.

user55757081776d ago

if its anything like the football announcement they had in America then i wouldn't get too excited

pixelsword1776d ago

"Microsoft has an announcement around "Europe's biggest franchise" at Gamescom"


Stevino1231775d ago

Why not the Console itself?

dc11775d ago

Exactly what it is.

mmj1775d ago

FIFA Kinect Edition:

'tis the future!


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HammadTheBeast1776d ago

Probably some ultimate cards for Fifa 14.

StoutBEER1776d ago

Damn it! Please let there be another announcement besides Fifa!

millgate11775d ago

Microsoft: Other announcements besides Fifa? I'm sure we can fit PES somewhere into the conference.

YNWA961776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Football Manager!! :)
Ikea is also a big franchise in Europe too...
But not FIFA.... please not FIFA...

Then again, EA did a deal with Liverpool and Barcelona, could it be a deal with the worlds greatest team, and Barcelona. Maybe Xbox owners only get those teams, the rest have to pay for them... or something similar... a virtual Anfield, Nou Camp...

Studio-YaMi1776d ago

I think it could be Football Manager.

kratos1231775d ago

Pfff Liverpool world greatest team please get out of here. The world greatest team right now is pretty much debatable but it's definitely not Liverpool

YNWA961775d ago

Greatest team in waiting, as far asI am concerned... Kratos, having fun.... they are my team, 1000%! Clearly though, best team right now is PSG! Maybe they will become a brand name, but only for as long as the money is there, or else those PSG fans will go back to watching rugby....please do not take my sarcasm serious though...

andrewsqual1776d ago

EXACTLY, Timed exclusive DLC that Xbox owners get to exclusively pay for before people on other platforms get to pay for it. Millions of money well spent.

hqgamez1776d ago

Microsoft went deep in their pockets for exclusive release for 30 days.

Shane Kim1776d ago

Haha neixus, have a bubble :D.

showtimefolks1776d ago

Fifa/ better with kinect slogan

scofios1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

FIFA DLC incoming

avengers19781775d ago

What's Microsoft going to announce about Gran Turismo?
I kid, it's gotta to be about FIFA ultimate team

paul-p19881775d ago

It's either Fifa or CoD, both sell millions everytime one is released here in the UK and go straight to the no.1 slot of the sales charts. Knowing Microsoft it's probably timed exclusive on Fifa 14 or the new Cod, or timed exclusive DLC, i can't see it being much more than that myself

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Dlacy13g1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Europe's biggest franchise? Could this be League of Legends? I recall seeing a NeoGaf rumor on League of Legends coming to Xbox One.

edit: lol... how could I forget Fifa? Yeah... guessing they are going to elaborate on their deal with EA.

inf3cted11776d ago

Having LOL on the one would be big, very big.

Neixus1776d ago

No it wouldn't, console players and pc players play games in a totally diffrent way.
When i'm playing WoW, i got 20+ binds on my keyboard and mouse total. I don't know if League got that many spells though.

tuglu_pati1776d ago

I play LOL on my Mac, but im down for some LOL on X1.

HammadTheBeast1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

It's impossible to bring LoL to consoles. Just way too many keys, most champion work with skillshots which are impossible on controllers, balance will just die, it's just not possible.

Edit: Is it possible on XBO? I know KB/M is possible on Ps3/4 but no clue about Xbox.

Minato-Namikaze1776d ago

mouse and keyboard support? hope it comes to ps4 as well then, lol

jackanderson19851776d ago

i know the keyboard is supported (unsure of how much it is supported but it can work for typing in codes and messages and that related stuff) on the 360 unsure about the mouse though... keyboard support might follow on through to the xbox one hopefully

OmniSlashPT1775d ago

Why bring LoL to consoles when its free and everyone owns a PC/Mac already? There's no point in being ported to consoles, especially because you would need KB/M to play it, which would make it ridiculous to play in a console instead of just playing in your PC.

Timesplitter141775d ago

you must be patient my child

good things come to those who wait ;)

cyguration1775d ago

And this is how you got six bubbles. Congrats good fellow.

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