Indie Spotlight – Octodad

"With the popularity of indie games on the rise, gamers have more choice and variety available in what they play than ever before. Small team, micro-dev projects are finding their way into the hands of more and more players, thanks largely to Steam’s project greenlight and crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Sony has received great kudos in the gaming press for their indie-friendly publishing model, while Microsoft’s indifference to smaller developers has earned them quite the opposite. It can be said that Microsoft is adjusting their course to correct this, but they are most certainly playing catch-up to everyone else in this regard. All that being said, I’d like to focus on some of the best of the indie bunch, and let you know which of these hidden gems are worth your time. Which brings us to Octodad." - Brian Acebedo of Str N Gaming

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