The Wii U's Future

Let's be up front about things here; the Wii U is not doing well. Sales are low, prices are remaining too high for some, and we're still not getting the system shifting software it needs. People are sceptical and there are a whole bunch of reasons why. The way Nintendo Feed sees it, Nintendo have limited options in order to deal with this unexpected incident.

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NYC_Gamer1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Wii U is in a tough spot right now but so were many other consoles..I'm sure Nintendo is working hard with first and 3rd party developers to improve the amount of quality software released.

Dlacy13g1946d ago

Nintendo isn't dead for sure... as a handheld maker they rule the roost. As for the WiiU, I think if they can some good momentum from 1st party games that actually gets consoles sold they could get some 3rd party support back. Ultimately the Key for Nintendo's success on the console front is going to be winning back 3rd party dev confidence.

Septic1946d ago

Whilst the Wii U appears in dire straits, if Nintendo get their act together, it could be a huge success. Hypothetically speaking, imagine if just some of these games came out:

* F Zero
* Lylat Wars
* Metroid Prime
* A new Super Mario Bros

Yeah they need to invest in a few more IP's, but those titles above would secure my purchase immediately (assuming they were good).

mewhy321946d ago

I don't know about dead but it surely is in huge trouble. 160k world wide is near nothing.

Neonridr1946d ago

Pikmin 3 was just the start. When you see reviews across the board sitting at about 9/10, then that shows how good these games are..

Wonderful 101 will be the next one to turn some heads.. the fall is looking pretty good for Nintendo with several big 1st party titles releasing along with some solid 3rd party support in Sonic, Batman, AC4, Watch Dogs, Rayman, plus others.

It was a rocky start, but look at the 3DS then and now.

BullyMangler1946d ago

Nintendo isnt doing good rite now?? lol lol Nintendo has been doing great all these years (;

LOL_WUT1945d ago

Console wise no but their handheld is a whole different story. ;)

marloc_x1945d ago

they have done well with me, I own 15 Nintendo machines.

BullyMangler1945d ago

saLes have NOTHING to do with game-changing gameplay and HIGH-REPLAY value = Nintendo is your daddy ;)

MrTrololo1946d ago

Wii U had no future. Nintendo is only best in handheld

Thelastlivingbot1946d ago

As long as Nintendo has a brand, they will be secure. I just picked up a Wii U, and am basking in the glorious gamepad.

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