Persona Series Director Teases Unannounced Titles In “Zelous Development”

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 and Persona 4 director Katsura Hashino is confident in the future of the persona series, so confident that he dropped a juicy hint today about "unannounced titles"

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gamer421949d ago

God please be Persona 5

Abriael1949d ago

That's most probable, and I bet there's more in the pipeline.

goldwyncq1949d ago

The wait for Persona 5 is unBEARable.

Unlimax1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

This ~

5 Days For the official Persona 5 teaser site .. i think !

Tidybrutes1949d ago

Persona 5 was announced a long time ago, its just we've had no information since.

MoveTheGlow1949d ago

And I hope they're bringing back Devil Summoner, now that SMT IV's out of the way. That particular team needs to bring us some more Raidou!

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CaptainSheep1949d ago

P5 on PS4 and Vita, with cross save. Would be awesome. :D

Donnieboi1949d ago

Yeah that would be sweet if I could take it on the go sometimes, and when at home, play it on a big screen HDTV.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1949d ago

Im almost done with Persona 3 FES im on the last month of The Journey. I would definitely drop cash for another Persona game.

dcj05241949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

I remember when they first said they're working on it. Rumours then we're saying the new color was green and you go into a "mirror world". Wonder if its true. In any case I'm %75 sure this will be on PS3. They said in august 2012 that it will be on PS3 so.

Donnieboi1949d ago

Nah that was fan-made. A guy named AtlusxP5 made all that up. But his idea's, understanding of jungean psychology, and tie-in's with the past franchises (as well as his awesome music remixes on youtube) are one of the most impressive fan-inspired "sequels" to be conjured up.

BlaqMagiq241948d ago

Yeah that makes sense. I wouldn't be surprised if it was PS3 only. Atlus has shown with P4 that a great story with great gameplay is what makes a game even with old tech.

Tidybrutes1949d ago

It basically means they are eager to develop whatever it is they are working on.

klecser1949d ago

Well, it would help if it were spelled correctly.

The article spells it correctly but the link here doesn't.


So, Canary may know what zealous means, but may not understand that it was that adjective rather than some other game company or term...because of the stupid typo.

Canary1949d ago

@Klescer: I thought it might have been a reference to some esoteric MegaTen character.

That'll teach me to overthink things.

klecser1949d ago

Ha ha. It could be a MegaTen character.

MoveTheGlow1949d ago (Edited 1949d ago )

The 89th demon of the Goetia, capable of forcing misspellings across entire websites. He wields a faulty keyboard and commands Derp legions of demons.


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