Gaming Franchises That Should Do The Decent Thing And Die

The release of Dynasty Warriors 8 got me thinking about dead horses and flogging.

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kalkano1868d ago

Well, he's right about the franchises, but dead wrong about the reasons. I'd also add the Shining franchise to the list.

dark-kyon1867d ago

final fantasy is not right,you can not like ff13,but you have to acknnowledge what every game is different to the point what the only thing what share in common is the name.

kalkano1867d ago

I don't have to do anything.

Zodiac1867d ago

@Kalkano. Except breath,eat,drink, and expel waste.

kalkano1867d ago


Nope. I could choose to die, instead. ;)

Oh, God. I'm really asking for it, with that comment. Lol!

ForgivenZombie1867d ago

I would add Assassins Creed and Resident Evil

Enigma_20991867d ago

Stay the f*** away from my Dynasty Warriors: Empires.

DragonKnight1867d ago

Typically, when a list like this comes up, the reasons for any game being on the list are ridiculous. Lists like these are written by people who expected something from a long running series because they played similar games or recently played a game they enjoyed so much that they wished its influence were present in other games; so when that doesn't happen they get all whiny and think the franchise should die.

The reason these franchises are still around is because a majority of people for most of the games, with some exceptions (*cough*CoD*cough), see something new and/or different about the games and want to experience it. For the development side, the games couldn't survive by literally offering only the same experience time and time again, with some exceptions that are just wrong again.

So basically, quit your b*tching and play other games. Stop wishing series' would die just because YOU stopped enjoying them.

admiralvic1867d ago

I like that Lego games are listed (popular with children and adults looking for simple fun), but things like Madden are not.

DragonKnight1867d ago

Didn't you know? Madden is the most innovative, new game every single year. I mean, the Roster changes alone... such inovashun.

RandomDude6551867d ago

Seriously, why do games journalists think they know what is best for the industry and it's customers? Narcissism? The market will decide when the games have run their course.

Williamson1867d ago

I hate articles like this! Don't think any franchises need to die, my buddy loves dynasty warriors and would be devastated if the games stopped. People usually make these articles to bash the games they don't like.

AceBlazer131867d ago

When I saw Tom Clancy and Lego I was like wtf.

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