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Kinect Xbox One U-Turn – Why It’s Terrible

It’s been revealed today that Microsoft has deftly executed yet another u-turn in their next-gen console policies: Kinect will no longer be a mandatory component of the new Xbox One architecture.

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El_spanglez1582d ago
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golding891582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Before the U-turn it was bad.. after's terrible


Oh Boy.

@Neonridr This has nothing to do with MS addressing concerns..bottom line is.. those that they never wanted to buy xbox one would never buy it even if xbox one would give them eternal life.

All I am saying is you cannot make everyone happy..At some point they just have to deal with it. just like sony fans will have to deal with that 50 bucks a month for online play from now on..

Neonridr1582d ago

so you would prefer that Kinect would have to be a mandatory component? You would rather MS not address concerns the public had and fix them?

cleft51582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Thing is now that the Kinect isn't mandatory for the console the incentive for developers to develop for the device is lowered.

Yes every console will come with one, but every 3DS comes with 3D functionality and that doesn't get used all that often. By making the Kinect mandatory developers knew that it was a feature that Xbox One users had to use. Sort of like how the controller is mandatory.

Honestly, Microsoft was in a tight spot on this one because they where damned if they do and damned if they don't. To make this move and not introduce a Kinect-less skew right off is just going to create hold outs. Because people are now going to assume that they will make an Xbox One without a Kinect. It's a tough spot they put themselves in.

die_fiend1582d ago

M$ are spineless. They tried to screw consumers in 3 key areas and got put in their place.

1) No renting or reselling games
2) No microphone (which is why XBL is so popular)
3) Mandatory Kinect

The only thing saving the console now is the 2 x AA batteries that it comes with

IcicleTrepan1582d ago

You shouldn't smoke crack and surf the internet at the same time. It leads to posts like yours.

die_fiend1582d ago

Are you having difficulty understanding? Is it the sarcastic part that you didn't quite pick up on?

IcicleTrepan1582d ago

No it was the ignorance I was having trouble understanding.

kayoss1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

How is it "ignorance" when everything he listed was a fact? The only person who is ignorance is you Icicle. Everyone Sony fans and Microsoft fans present you with the facts to why Xbox One policies are not consumer friendly and yet you choose to ignore it and assume that everyone was against xbox one. You're the type of person that If a million people tell you that you're wrong you will still believe that you're right and continue to ignore the facts.
Why do you think Xbox One pre-order are higher now when compared to it's intial Preorder number before the reversal on DRM and use games? because Xbox One became more attractive due to the policy reversal. I can guarantee you that by not having Kinect mandatory, Xbox One Pre-orders will increase by a lot.

n4rc1582d ago

No.. Its ignorance when you take to the internet to bitch about things you don't know anything about..

1) nobody was ever stopping you from Reselling or renting games..

2) has kinect and a mic..

3) kinect is its biggest innovation. Its part of the core console. Actual customers want it.. People that don't want a xbox hate it.. So who really cares?

Sony fans need to realize their opinion isn't shared by everyone else.. Your entitled to believe what you want.. But nobody else has to follow you

dcj05241582d ago

Those batteries are tempting me to cancle my PS4 pre-order.

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GadgetGooch1582d ago

$50 a month for online play on PS4? Are you smoking crack?

golding891582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Obviously it was a typo. $50/yearly.

50 bucks a month just wouldn't make sense.

It should not take a genius to figure out dude lol

GT671582d ago

nothing x1 can do to change gamers mind at this point no matter how they cover the poo with FREBREZE .

GadgetGooch1582d ago

Well with the state of the community on here i never know how retarded people can be.

joe901582d ago

My PC has a Camera plugged in 24/7, you don't see me with a tin foil hat worrying about being spied on.

I Do however turn it around while i masturbate, Would be a bit awkward forgetting to hang up a skype call with a family member while unzipping your trousers and grabbing your odd sock :)

TwinDad1582d ago


I think you mean $50 a year, not 50 bucks a month.

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NYC_Gamer1582d ago

"The solution: With Xbox One, Kinect was always to be plugged in. This would mean that finally, the high-potential sensor would be fully integrated into the console’s infrastructure. This would have meant that any app, any game, even television viewed via the console could leverage the capabilities of Kinect. No more, though, thanks to paranoid complainers and a useless PR message"

Those Kinect features are still there just now gamers have the option of having the device plugged/unplugged

GodGinrai1582d ago

I agree..

but I want a bazzillion agrees. So Im going to say no. How do we know it does not have some fancy NSA tech that allows it to watch you even when its disconnected and put in a closet? how do we no it does not have x ray vision too? and what about that thing about my rights?

in fact why has it always got to be about my rights? whats wrong with my lefts?

SynestheticRoar1582d ago

OK. You sound hurt by this 180. Don't let it get you down. On a side note I was wondering is that president Harry S Truman as your avatar. You do know are 33 president was a cross dressing gay racist. You could have gone with Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, even johnson. I think would be better avatars.

IcicleTrepan1582d ago

Actually it seems like they were just stating fact. And so what if someone wants to be a gay cross dresser. Does that bother you, homophobe?

nugnugs1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Yeah, I thought that @Icicle. Racist sure gtfo, but I don't see a prob with the other two.
Just say racist.

FlunkinMonkey1582d ago

With the Kinect being such an integral part of the system, you think we would have seen some integration into a flagship game by now.. Not voice commands in Ryse - a game previously intended for the 360, but was hailed as the great Kinect experience for the One.

Gimmicks, just like Kinect last gen.

dead_eye1582d ago

Anything that isn't just a controller/keyboard is a gimmick. No real gamer wants to be moving about to play a game. I ain't shouting at my tv to do stuff.

I love how people don't seem to care about MS lying about everything. It's not like their track record is great to begin with.

GodGinrai1582d ago

"I love how people don't seem to care about MS lying about everything"

yeah! they are like..always lying and stuff..using deception..they are like..Decepticons.

dead_eye1582d ago Show
GodGinrai1582d ago Show
dead_eye1582d ago

You don't really's to hard to explain

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techuser1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

How will that make the developers forget about the Kinect completely? I don't buy that just because a player can choose to disconnect it then that means developers wont make games with use of it all of a sudden. I'd like to see the source of the information oh wait it's an opinion based article. Gotta love those.

mmj1582d ago

Most gamers won't buy the Kinect orientated games so developers won't invest the money into developing for it, it will be used for a few gimmicks at most.

NewWhiteFeather1582d ago

There will come a time in the future where it will seem impossible for gamers to have ever gotten by without a gesture or voice command.

It's a gimmick as much as triggers and bumpers on earlier console controllers are gimmicks. Now they are integral and we (console gamers) couldn't imagine playing high end games without them.

mmj1582d ago

There was a need for analogue sticks and triggers as it improved controller accuracy, there is no need for dancing around in front of your console and shouting at it other than for optional gimmicks.

NewWhiteFeather1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

You're being disingenuous.

"Dancing around" as you put it, is not the only way to utilize motion control. A simple tilt of the head in a certain manner for a command, for example, could be fantastic.

Shouting isn't necessary, either. A whisper on a stealth mission could greatly improve immersion.

Hell, with the kinect bundled in, we could see stealth missions in co-op or with the AI where the only form of communication available at points is realistic hand motions, because the enemy will hear you via connect if you try to talk to you accomplice.

Eventually, those improvements will be considered crucial to the history and development of gaming.

Edit: There are many practical uses we can see come out of this for every day hardcore gamers like us. The idea that the Kinect can only be useful for Kinect only games, which are in turn useless to hardcore gamers is ridiculous.

techuser1579d ago

How do you know that to be the case? Why do people say this kind of crap without anything to back it up?

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headblackman1582d ago

its not bad at all. Microsoft has to give the kinect a fighting chance and the only way to do that is to take the advice of the developers and make sure that every Xbox one adopter has a kinect so it could make sense to create game functionalities that will take full advantage of the sensor. kinect 2 will be light years better than there first. mainly because of the specs of it and the lessons learned from the first kinect and as well as kinect 2. the first kinect ran on software and the processing power of the system. it was originally supposed to have a dual core processor in it, but Microsoft elected to not do the dual core chip in order to save cost and time. this time around the kinect 2 will still run on software, but it will also have a quad core processor of its own incorporated inside of the kinect device and will also have access to the system power and that also means cloud processing because of the system. so there are no real worries for the new kinect 2. only expectations.

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