Japanese Sales Data: Media Create software sales for 31/3 - 6/4

Capcom's Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G topped the Japanese software charts for the second week in a row. The latest figures from Media Create show that the popular PSP title sold 488 000 copies for the week ending the 6th of April. Last week the title debuted with 880 000 copies and its life-to-date sales currently stand at 1.369 million copies.

The next four titles on the chart were new entries on Sony's platforms with one other new title for the Nintendo DS debuting further down the chart. Koei's Musou Orochi: The Evil King Returns for the PS2 entered the charts at number 2 with 228 000 copies while Square Enix' Star Ocean 2: Second Evolution for the PS2 debuted at number 3 with 91 000 copies. The PS2 version of Konami's Pro Baseball Spirits 5 is new at number 4 with 80 000 copies while the PS3 version slid into fifth base with 60 000 copies.

Pokémon Ranger: Batonnage for the Nintendo DS drops four places to number 6 with 58 000 copies and Nintendo's Wii Fit loses pace, dropping three places to number 7 with 39 000 copies (its life-to-date sales now stand at 1.834 million copies). Namco Bandai's Tottado! Yowiko's Deserted Island Life for the Nintendo DS debuts at number 8 with 39 000 copies.

Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Brawl drops three places to number 9 with 24 000 copies. It is worth mentioning that its life-to-date sales now stand at 1.548 million copies. Hudson's Deca Sporta moves down two positions to number 8 with 22 000 copies.

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