Researchers improve Li-on battery life, increase capacity 30 percent

A couple of problems faced by the widely-used lithium-ion batteries are the risk of overcharging and the subsequent degradation of charging capability. Research for the improvement of lithium-ion has reached a milestone in Argonne National Laboratory where longer battery life and a 30 percent increase in storage capacity have been achieved. To be able to prevent overheating and combustion, researchers replace cobalt oxide electrodes (which easily overheat) with manganese oxide--a more stable material.

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Lord Anubis3848d ago

There's a different technology called Thin Film that has much greater potential to substitute lithium-ion.

dalibor3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Interesting. All i want is for lithium ion batteries to last longer either way, imagine having these badboys in the ps3 controller or better yet imagine having them in cell phones, actually imagine having 'em in mp3 players, my ipod mini is "dead" after 2 yrs b/c of the battery. I have to replace and install a new battery. Can't wait for these new upgraded Li-on batteries.

games4fun3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

what about cars? i think part of the reason America's economy is so bad is because they never further developed/innovated cars for a new power source electricity would be a far more constant and lower cost for people creating a chance for people to not worry about their gas consumption/ spend most their money on it

dalibor3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Forgot all about that, hybrid gas/battery powered cars def. would benefit from this, who knows when hydrogen is going to catch on. Another note, imagine if everything also had solar capabilities, it would make machines/components have a longer life but i assume it would be more costly. Imagine if more planes used solar power somehow. That would def. help the environment on fossil fuels. The future is going to be crazy.

ianp6223848d ago

Yeah I care about this much more for cars. There are only a few things keeping electric cars from becoming mainstream - one major one is what to do when the battery is exhausted from recharging. Replacing it is expensive.

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IntelligentAj3848d ago

Good news. Much greater battery life and storage capacity.

Kakkoii3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

It's things like this that show we should just stop wasting electricity on making hydrogen for cars and just power the cars with damn electricity.

The current batteries in the very few electric cars already last pretty long.. But this breakthrough would make them just like a gas car. And last even longer in the future.

games4fun3848d ago

couldn't agree with you more i think the tech is there they could make an electric car to replace all gas ones