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Xbox One Could be Cheaper than PS4

TGR take a look at recent u-turns and wonder if the XBox One might actually end up being the cheaper of the next gen consoles.

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PoisonedMonkey1504d ago
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iamnsuperman1504d ago

Hasn't Microsoft just come out and say they are not releasing a Kinectless Sku (as in no way it is happening)

cl19831504d ago

Yes, but it's always fun to hypothesis.

mewhy321504d ago

with all the 180's that micro$ft's been pulling its not unthinkable that they would do something like this. I think they'll wait to see how it looks in the market a little close to Christmas. We could see a price reduction if xbone is still being outsold 4to1 by PS4.

nukeitall1504d ago

MS can change their mind down the line, but it is very unlikely at this point.

Why compete on price, when you can compete on features, ease of use, games and platform?

I hope MS sticks to it's guns and I think once consumers get a taste of it, they will love Kinect One. It will be sleeper hit like the Wii!

The Wii was so popular that Nintendo cut all marketing, because word of mouth carried product sales to out of stock everywhere.

paul-p19881504d ago

@mewhy2 with all the 180s they have made it wouldn't surprise me if they put a playstation logo on the top of the console!

Shadowolf1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

All the changes being made by Microsoft for the Xbox One are indeed good moves however, they are of no consequence in light of the price point.

Xbox loyalist my not like this but while most of the Xbox One changes are smart moves by Microsoft, these changes only level the playing with the PS4 even more while maintaining a higher price tag. Ultimately these changes only matter if they are translated into a more affordable console.

No offense to Microsoft however, this latest update is something gamers have been complaining about for months while this was never an issue on the PS4. Now that the change has been made does this really make the Xbox One more attractive doing the exact same thing as the PS4? The simple answer is no as long as the Xbox One is more expensive.

My point is that with the majority of the Xbox One changes being made which are great, they are nothing more than updates gamers were expecting from the beginning as the PS4 clearly laid out back in June which still does not justify the $499 price point which I believe will seriously hurt Microsoft in the US and worldwide unless they drop the price before launch.

Oner1504d ago

mewhy32 raises the exact same point I believe except that if they did release a Kinect-less SKU then all the support, r&d, plus the most important MONEY they shoveled into it goes out the window that they won't be able to recoup.

And that last part is where it gets really dicey for MS with investors and the status of the division already being on thin ice with said investors (not that the division is doing horribly just not up to their expectations).

jaredhart1503d ago

They've 180'd so many times, might as well keep going.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31503d ago

Kinect being included is one of the main differences between the two consoles. I mean, I don't even know why the PSeye even exists, it's like, what's the point?

darthv721503d ago

emphasis on the word "could" but that doesnt mean that they should.

keeping kinect in the box differentiates them from the ps4 and also informs developers that everyone who buys an xb1 also has a kinect.

the level of support for the device would exceed that of the previous kinect because the 1st was an after thought instead of something built right in from the beginning.

What im really curious about is why did they make the use of kinect now an option? Was there a problem with making it work as previously described and being too close to launch they just decided to make it an option and will fix it after?

i like the games, i like the platform but i cant help but think there is obviously more to their reasoning than we are lead to believe.

MRMagoo1231503d ago

ps4 will outsell the xbone no matter what MS do now , not that it matters that much the 4 ppl with an xbone will still like it.

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Hellsvacancy1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

MS say ALOT of things though.......and then change their minds

Septic will be here in a while with an essay on how MS does things right

MysticStrummer1504d ago

After all the changed decisions so far, it wouldn't surprise me if they launched without Kinect at a cheaper price, with a different name, and a different console design. Almost anything is possible at this point.

Blackdeath_6631504d ago

they won't release a kinectless sku at launch maybe a after a year (next Christmas) they will but if they release a kinectless sku and more people buy that then devs won't develop for kinect because not enough people have it and people won't buy a kinect because developers are not developing for it thus you have a catch 22 situation. its also the reason why i think that because the PSeye is not included that the ps move is pretty much dead.

PoisonedMonkey1504d ago

Yup, in the same way they said they'd stick to their DRM guns.

Excalibur1504d ago

Umm... aren't you keeping a list on all the 180's so far?

Do you believe anything Microsoft says now?

awesomeperson1504d ago

Microsoft PR guy said on Neogaf "if [they] were to remove the Kinect from the bundle, then THAT would be a 180... but it's not going to happen".

To be honest, I think Microsoft will stick with their guns and release it still bundled with the Kinect. They either have to drop it now (announce at Gamescom) or risk dropping it during generation where some games may need patches to work without Kinect.

Although, considering they said they wouldn't backpedal on DRM and the other 180s, it's up in the air what will happen.

Excalibur1504d ago

Microsoft PR guy said on Neogaf "if [they] were to remove the Kinect from the bundle, then THAT would be a 180... but it's not going to happen".

No, that would be the Second 180 on the same subject.

The first 180 is the LIE that the system wouldn't work with the Kinect Connection.


MS also said there was no way they could not have DRM and always online. it's not just something you can switch off you know.... oh.. wait

devwan1503d ago

They're going to run out of switches to flip.

fermcr1504d ago

Microsoft is adapting to what consumers want. Consumers didn't want what the original X1 offered, so Microsoft is changing it to meet consumer expectations.

Now the last push. Microsoft needs a X1 Kinectless Sku to compete, otherwise, they are screwed. Simple as that.

AceBlazer131504d ago

With all the changes that they claimed to be fundamental for the xone earlier this year you have to wonder just how ready this console is for launch.

scofios1504d ago

The might do the ultimate 180 buy an xboxone with a ps4 inside the box :-)

slimeybrainboy1504d ago

"Hasn't Microsoft just come out and say they are not releasing a Kinectless Sku (as in no way it is happening)"

Yeah they did say that. They wouldn't just say something and then completely do complete the opposite, later. They wouldn't do a 180.

The way Microsoft 180 I wouldnt be suprised if the console came out white.

harrisk9541504d ago

Hasn't MS said a lot that isn't true so far? Why is it so inconceivable that they could sell a kinect-less SKU? They have reversed course on almost all of the "innovations" that they originally said could not be reversed. Such as:

1. always on, which became check in every 24 hours, which became just need online to register the device when you first get it.

2. DRM policies(preventing trading in of games, loanign discs to friends, ) is integrated and cannot be removed, which became no restrictions, but they removed the sharing library feature.

3. Games were region locked, now they are not.

4. Kinect is necessary and integral to the XB1, but now they remove that requirement, which apparently was never necessary and integral.

So, why is it so hard to believe that they could have another SKU without the kinect and release it at a lower price?

iamnsuperman1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

It would remove any (of the important) advantage the One has over the PS4 as the One has been designed with the Kinect from the ground up. It may cost $100 more but everyone really look at the One. What is it without the Kinect

Without the Kinect functionality it hasn't got a lot of stuff over its competitors. That is why a Kinectless sku would never appear. It would completely make the TV functionality (even if I already think it is pointless with TV going out and it needed a set top box to work) even more pointless as you can't use the Kinect to use it. I am not sure if you can use a normal controller with it (it would be vastly more difficult anyway) The Kinect makes the One (even if I think the Kinect is an more expensive way to do things/not suitable for gaming)

devwan1503d ago


"What is it without the Kinect "

Exactly what compelling reasons have m$ showed us to make Kinect 2.0 look like something gamers will not only make use of but become something that makes the bone a must-have?

For something so expensive to develop, so expensive to have included in the box, where are the revolutionary games that make it something people really need to own?

Changing TV channels and checking who is holding a controller are not cutting it.

PSVita1504d ago

Yeah they spent as much money on R&D for the actual console as they did on the kinect. There's no way they'll release a SKU without it after all of that.

PositiveEmotions1504d ago

I wont be surprised if they make another 180 on this as well.

NextGen24Gamer1503d ago

I personally hope this doesn't happen, but what "IF" they have a Kinnectless Xbox One and the price is 299 or 349 at launch! Now, that would definitely change the tide in regards to SALES. But for me, it would mean that Kinnect may not be utilized as well as I would like. One thing is for sure. Kinnect 2 is a huge leap over Kinnect 1 and Kinnect 1 was 129. Kinnect 2 if sold separately would be at least $150 to $200 dollars.

Old_Prodigy1503d ago

They've said a lot of things with stern and backbone, and then we got the original 180.

ALLWRONG1503d ago

MS stood firm on many things since they announced X1 and have done a 180 on almost all of it.

So... there goes that logic.

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SynestheticRoar1504d ago

Microsoft is the back flip king. If sales are low. I see a kinectless X1 in their future.

slimeybrainboy1504d ago

Exactly, they want as many Kinects out there as they can, why not offload a bunch on the day oners.

chrissx1504d ago

M$ seems to be learning the hard way. Clearly they underestimated the gaming community with their betrayal policies for the xbone. the 180's are good,even though its not cos of consumers they are doing them(cos of d clear signs dat sony is dominating) thanks to sony for keeping it real. MS needs to do A LOT to get back on the good side of gamers.

quenomamen1504d ago

And some consumers will never trust them again, no matter what.

1503d ago
AllroundGamer1504d ago

Do a barrel roll! ...I mean a 180 :) (btw try to search "do a barrel roll" in google ;) )

FlunkinMonkey1504d ago

Yea so now it would be a great thing if they have a cheaper kinectless SKU yea..? What happened to the "I actually WANT Kinect, it makes it much more technologically superior to the PS4"??

Such a crock of dung, you guys don't know what you want.. or if you do, it isn't the same 'One' as last wk. Pfffft

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