IGN- PayDay 2 Review

IGN:A great cooperative shooter that rewards both sharp planning and sharp shooting.

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snipab8t1683d ago

This game looks pretty swell, not too fussed on graphics if the gameplay is addictive.

vishmarx1683d ago

unfortunately ,retards are better than the single player ai in this game ..tho its fun as hell with friends.
i would like them to patch stuff
like how easy it is to get discovered.
one moment youre scanning the area for a plan and the next you have 1000 policemen on you.everyone seems to already know youre robbers

snipab8t1683d ago

Yeah I'm really keen to get into it because the first one wasn't on xbox.

Double_Oh_Snap1683d ago

I have it and it's very good. A great deal better than the original Payday imo.