Metro: Last Light game is coming to Linux?

Is the Linux version of Metro: Last Light game possible?

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adorie1743d ago

Very good. I'll have to pick it again. Enjoyed it alot.
I was just talking about how more devs are looking at Linux as a platform to develop on.

I hope we see more of this and I hope the results are actually worthwhile.

ShabbaRanks1743d ago

Can’t believe someone disagreed with you lol. Must be MS sheep -_-

Funny thing is…

DeadlyFire1743d ago

I am thinking Valve's push has helped Linux.

Hazmat131743d ago

i really hope they also have it for mac too.

Hazmat131743d ago

oh no a mac player quick disagree with him! haha people will never grow up.

spimuch1743d ago

I use windows, but i really love ubuntu and i really like seeing more and more games and features come into linux. the reason i cannot use linux is because i am using 3Dsmax, i know there is blender and i like it too but unfortunately i am required to use windows and 3dsmax :(