Next-Gen.Biz: Gaming In 2020

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "What will gaming look like in 12 years time? Industry experts give their answers...

The final session at MI6 brought together an impressive panel of game industry luminaries to try to figure out the world of gaming in 2020. At a marketing conference, the emphasis was very much on the likely human experience, rather than the technology. But the panel gave us a good idea of the sort of market we'll likely be addressing in the years ahead:

Games Make the World a Better Place…

Peter Moore is head of EA Sports: "Games have a key role to play in health and wellness. People will be able to do things with games in their own houses that they just can't do at the gym. And it's not just about making yourself stronger and healthier but also smarter and happier. Games have the power to make people happy and to make the world as better place,. And I do mean the world, because we are now opening up massive new markets like China and India that will bring billions of gamers."

…But Not for Console Manufacturers

Alex St. John: 'A console is not designed to let you play games. It's designed to prevent you from playing games if you haven't paid for them. That is all going to go away.'"

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pwnmaster30003849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

the real question is, if that humans really gonna live until 2020

ay you kno it to breakfast humans may not survive until 2020 with all this shiit like that new planet that may crash us or war.

Harry1903848d ago

Fret not,we will probably still be here
and doing well.