Wargaming CEO Wants 1 Billion Players for World of Tanks, isn't Joking - AusGamers

AusGamers recently spoke with Wargaming boss Victor Kislyi who talked at length with them about the beginnings of their World of empire, where he sees the industry going and not jokingly having the goal of reaching one billion players with their popular franchise.

"I really believe in the one billion potential users concept," he emphatically told AusGamers. "It’s not an exaggeration. We just need to get to them. Facebook and Zynga showed us... they just demonstrated that there could be one billion people connected to one network, and then there could be, again, hundreds of millions of housewives, older guys, younger guys, guys from those regions where people don’t play computer games... suddenly become gamers."

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sherimae24131255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

1 Billion players!? 0_0 is that even possible?

Snookies121255d ago

Not really, but they can dream I suppose lol. Perhaps one day, a game will come along that gets that many. It would have to be something incredible though to pull so many people into one thing.

AnotherProGamer1255d ago

not until a lot of countries get better living conditions to care about playing video games

PFFT1255d ago

Yeeeeaah. Not gonna happen.

B-radical1255d ago

100 million down the line may be possible if they can keep the game intresting that is

FlameHawk1255d ago

Not even 30, it barely has 20 mill and it is not going to get bigger, it is already an old game, its probably at its peak, it being on Xbox 360 is barely going to help it.

B-radical1255d ago

Will it be on next gen?

ashahab8611255d ago ShowReplies(1)
cellur1111255d ago

Maybe 10 million if hes lucky.

sorane1255d ago

Seeing as they had 45 million accounts last year with a 218 million euro revenue I guess he's very lucky :P

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