The Frogurt Toppings Contain Potassium Benzoate, And 22,000 Is Not A High Number

"When Homer Simpson walked into a haunted toy store looking for a gift, he found one; but for every good thing about the situation, there was a downside. The final one, however, went right over his head. The same scenario played out in July, with the Wii-U's Japanese sales chart." -GR

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knifefight1715d ago

That gives me an idea: the games should come with free frogurt!

TrendyGamers1715d ago

Wouldn't that melt by the time it gets to you?

Rivitur1714d ago

Then games should come with a mini fridge and car batteries. :P

TongkatAli1714d ago

Smash Bros will make the Wii U bounce back hard.