Sony PS4 vs Xbox One: the 4K war begins

The PS4 and Xbox One both have 4K in their futures one way or another – not least because Microsoft has revealed that Xbox Ones will ship with a 4K-ready HDMI cable.

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Smoovekid1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

I do not think either will do 4k gaming unless it is pong. Most high end GPUs on PC can't and TVs are all pretty much 1080p at the most. It would be cool if you could game in 1440p or higher resolutions.

Microsoft saying they can is a complete lie, or maybe it's in the clouds.

cl19831682d ago

I don't expect 4k games for quite sometime, mainly because most people don't have the devices to put out a 4k signal yet, and it's still questionable of when 4k tv's will be cost effective.

0ut1awed1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Yea, Smoovekid speaks the truth.

I have a 3930k and a 780 here. If you don't know what that means, ONLY my cpu and gpu cost $1200. Not bragging here just using this to make my point.

It runs metro last light at ~30fps in 1440p.
To be fair that game is a hard hitter. The point is I can see devs getting the consoles to 60fps @1080p with lots of optimization but probably not at launch.

I really hope that they are able to achieve it eventually because I truly want to play next gen consoles. I just doubt I will be able to bear 720p after already being at 1440p on my pc.

BF4 will only be 720p @ 60fps at launch. Compare that to standard launch games in the past and ps4 and xbone should be able to do 1080p @60fps eventually.

ABeastNamedTariq1682d ago


I'm pretty sure DICE said that they either are at 1080/60, or are targeting it (for consoles). Hope is not lost just yet haha.

1682d ago
0ut1awed1681d ago

@ Slasher

I was the same way until I realized I could get rid of my current monitor at no cost for a 1440p one.

Needless to say the change is staggering. I could never go back. I can't imagine how good 4k is going to look.

Although I think Oculus Rift and Virtuix Omni are what gamers should really be looking forward to.

vigilante_man1681d ago

It will be used for movies in the first instance.

mewhy321681d ago

does the the PS4 actually even come with an HDMI cable?

hkgamer1681d ago

erm... 4k tv will probably be cost effective alot faster than hdtvs were.

I mean my 480i Plasma TV and my 1080p LCD TV were both more expensive than Sony's 4kTV.

Im guessing the only 4ktv that wont be cost effective ones are the 4k OLED tv if that were ever released.

starchild1681d ago

The prices on 4K displays will go down fairly quickly. That isn't the real problem, the main problem is that the consoles simply don't have the power to render games with advanced graphics at that resolution.

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porkChop1682d ago

Both consoles support 4K for movies. Neither supports 4K for games because it requires way too much power that can be used for more important things.

AzureskyZ1682d ago

Don't know why you got a disagree but you are correct-- 4k is possible on video but the amount of power needed to run 4k fluidly for games isnt going to be available this coming gen--- they could do it but thats going back to the ps3 launch issues where technology cost to much and hiked the price of the console. Most people cant even afford 4k tvs for at least 3-4 years when they come down in price anyways, this along with a new format perhaps hvd <holo> will highlight the next consoles.

mediate-this1681d ago

the hopefuls hope, and the realists tell it like it is

kneon1681d ago

They both have enough power to do some games at 4k. The problem though is if they are using hdmi 1.4 then the maximum frame rate us 24fps. Hdmi 2.0 would solve that but it's still not ready, it keeps getting delayed.

HammadTheBeast1682d ago

Don't worry, maybe at the end of the Gen, the 0.02% with 4k TV's can benefit from it.

PFFT1682d ago

I wouldnt mind playing Pong at 4K res lol

B-radical1682d ago

I wont expect a single gpu to be able to run in 4k for atleast 6 years but then again amd and nvidia are doing pretty impressive things

joefrost001681d ago

The thing thats funny to me is that I keep hearing people call MS liars and lets get 1080p 60fps first MS already have a handful of games coming at launch with that
So I give it four years or so
I am really convinced gamers are pretty dumb
MS never said the cloud could make overall graphics better
They they coyld take some of the computing work and let the cloud do it
In term freeing up some of the CPU to do more graphical work
I keep hearing people try and make it a direct connection with cloud and graphics
No matter how many times MS explain it people will still get it wrong

1681d ago
porkChop1681d ago

Microsoft doesn't need to specify "graphics" when talking about the Cloud. They literally said that the Cloud will increase Xbox One's overall power by 3x, which is impossible. Cloud doesn't work that way. While Microsoft never specifically said graphics, they did in fact try to trick gamers into thinking it.

"They they coyld take some of the computing work and let the cloud do it
In term freeing up some of the CPU to do more graphical work"

CPUs do not handle graphical tasks. That's why they're called CPUs, not GPUs.

I find it hilarious that you say gamers are dumb when you clearly have no idea how Cloud and hardware even work.

mediate-this1681d ago

I think don said him self the coud gives xbone the power of three xbones, but im not entirely sure, correct if im wrong

joefrost001681d ago

You still need the cpu to process it dummy
Its like having 16gb of ram it would be pointless cause you wouldnt have the processing power to use it
If dont know anything please refrain from commenting

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Mithan1681d ago

Agreed. Some indie games only. X1 and ps4 don't have the power

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Neixus1682d ago

both companies ship their consoles with a 4k capable HDMI, thats it, nothing more.
Sony said that 4k photos will be possible, dunno about movies though

CraigandDayDay1682d ago

Of course 4K movies will work on the PS4 (and the xbone probably too). Sony owns 4K content. They'd be crazy to not allow 4K movies on their platform.

joefrost001681d ago

Both said they will do 4k movies
And MS said they can do 4k gaming
Sony said they will .not
It really dont matter to me cause 4k is a word even to 4k tv arent real 4k but thats another conversation
I love how you all just straight call MS liars but if sony said they will do 4k games all of you sony fanboys would be on here not only bragging about it but trying to technically explain how they could
But I guess since sony cant do it MS cant either
Even though its on the box 4kgaming
And that mean all of you on here claiming MS is lying should get you a lawyer and sue them for false advertisement

SlyFoxC1681d ago

jesus joe....learn to type in paragraphs and not that random ass line shit you have there lol. its like trying to read a book written by a blind dude on acid....

KillrateOmega1682d ago

Quite frankly, I don't see 4K gaming as being a significant factor in the console war for quite some time.

cyguration1682d ago

Fully destructible city environments. That's more important than 4K.

Make it happen gaming industry.

Mikeyy1682d ago

This x100!!

This is why people need to get battlefield 4, call of duty will never innovate as long as they are sitting comfortably at 12 million sales per platform. Same thing with Madden. Madden 25 is just now catching up to 2k 2005'.

PFFT1682d ago

Sony should Announce War of the Monster 2 for the PS4. I know its a bit off topic BUT man can you imagine how bad ass that game would look running on the Ps4. The cities were fully destructible. So just the thought of being able to rampage through a big dynamic city gives me goosebumps lol. Man i do hope Sony didnt drop this IP cause that game was freaking awesome.

NarooN1681d ago

Back when Volition were awesome, the first Red Faction let you blow up a great deal of the maps with the Geo-Mod tech...and that was way back in 2001. I still remember the hidden area in one of the caverns about 60% through the game, where if you could find it, you'd get this insta-full health and enviro-suit, and a shitload of weapons including the Fusion rocket launcher.

*sigh* Miss that game.

SchwoererBear1681d ago

I have been dreaming of the day I can go full on Godzilla or Rampage in GTA or anyother game really. It would be really cool to play a fallout game where everything is destructable!

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Stsonic1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Yes and when we are ready I think it will be on VR goggles way before consoles. lot's of people game now in 1440p so it won't be long before 4k monitors become more affordable.

B-radical1682d ago

Not till next next gen anyway

SnakeCQC1682d ago

ALL hdmi cables are the same its the spec for the actual slot that changes meaning my hdmi cable that i bought with my original consoles works with 3d 4k etc. The chances are 4k blu rays at most will work but NO games

porkChop1682d ago

That's not actually true. Not all HDMI cables are the same. Even with standard non-4K cables there are differences in bandwidth. 3D 4K would require a ton of bandwidth that your standard $5 HDMI cable wouldn't be able to provide.

SnakeCQC1681d ago

It's been tested like crazy and if i had a monitor that was 4k i would be able to game at 4k. They advertise 4k or 3d on the newer to scam people and make a quick profit. The bandwith on the cables haven't changed at all just the devices with the slot have had upgrades ie a tv that has a higher refresh rate and 3d etc has a 1.4 plug where you can plug in any hdmi cable to get it all setup correctly for 3d. There have been SOOO many online articles to support this.

zugdar1682d ago

Stop. Why would anyone support 4K anytime soon with the practically 0 install base and resources to have such a resolution?

SchwoererBear1681d ago

4k is certainly far off. I think devs need to focus on mastering what is available(1080) before they worry about something that is uncertain. I would say that most people don't have blu ray players yet, I don't think people are ready for another upshift in resolution when people are just now settling in with HD tv's.

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