Nvidia Says GTA 5 is Coming to PC, PC Revenue More Than PlayStation and Xbox Combined

CraveOnline writes: "With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both set to include AMD chips, you may feel a bit sorry for Nvidia being left out in the cold, but the company doesn't seem too worried. In fact, Nvidia believes that a lot of PC users will invest in new hardware to play games like Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin's Creed IV, and Grand Theft Auto 5. Wait a minute!"

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knifefight1683d ago

*Grabs Popcorn*
Late 2013 and all of 2014 are going to be so interesting.

JonnyBigBoss1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

The mods, man. The mods.

Anyone who has played Skyrim on PC knows what I'm talking about.

"OH YEAH! SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM! *fire breath*"

- Macho Man Dragon

MestreRothN4G1683d ago

Red Dead Redemption must be awesome on 1080p... On YouTube.

Try harder, Nvidia. And by that that I mean CRY MORE. haha

Hydrolex1683d ago

GTA V will come to PC, that's no surprise and nothing new...

B-radical1683d ago

Mate i played gta 4 on pc i know what your talking about! the mods! gonna be so good

ABizzel11683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Oh NVIDIA, your butt-hurt knows no bounds, and you simply just can't shut-up and work towards bettering your company instead of badmouthing everyone else.

You have the most powerful GPU's on the market for now, but rumors show AMD is about to knock you down a notch.

Tegra 4 is getting dominated by Snapdragon S4 as mobile devices first pick.

And AMD has supplied GPU's for all 3 consoles, and CPU's for the PS4 and XB1.

PC sales on whole will significantly surpass console gaming, because there are more PC's in the world than there are consoles. The same with mobile devices. It's logical to see that since more people own PC's and tablets / phones that those devices will bring in more revenue.

The problem is NVIDIA you:

1) Don't make CPU's (outside of Tegra), so you're not getting any of that revenue.

2) You don't make media (games / movies / etc...), so you're not getting any of that revenue.

3) All consoles use AMD, so you're not getting any of that revenue.

4) Project Shield is DOA, so you're not getting any of that revenue.

The only revenue you get is on GPU's and you have to split that with AMD, who will likely be the better choice with all 3 consoles using their GPU's.

Pick up your butt-hurt, put it away, and try again next-gen.

Tegra 5 sounds promising (PS360 graphics on mobile finally), but that's about all you have to brag about (maybe the GTX 800 series in 2014). I think you're a great company (at least you were from 2002 - 2012), but you have got to stop this behavior and get your act together.

Ducky1683d ago

^ It was an earnings conference call and the guy made a statement that you seem to be agreeing with.

I didn't see much badmouthing or signs of butthurt.
Well, actually, that's a lie, I saw plenty of that, but it wasn't from nVidia.

ABizzel11683d ago


What was the need to bring the consoles into an NVIDIA conference call when NVIDIA has not stakes in any of these consoles. They've been nagging and downplaying PS4 and XB1 from day one, let it go, and try again next-gen.

Ducky1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

^ Consoles were mentioned for comparison's sake.

nVidia makes hardware in the gaming industry, and it's hard to give a presentation on your current and future state without mentioning console gaming and its impact.

So, in their prepared notes, they devoted like four sentences to state that they think PC and mobile gaming will remain strong in the future.
That like what, something which probably made like 2% of their prepared remarks for the conference?

Seemed reasonable to me in any case.

BattleAxe1683d ago

I'm going to wait until GTA5 comes out for PC. Can't wait for this game!

AuToFiRE1683d ago

Also GTAV on the Oculus Rift will be epic. Owning the rift myself, I can vouch its the future..

RumbleFish1683d ago


It's true. It's a sad thing that R* didn't release RDR on a platform that really would be able to display the beauty of the world they've created and to do that with a good performance as well. I would have bought it twice, like I did with GTA 4.

Instead of being a troll, be a gamer!

SolidStoner1683d ago

any smart human being can say for sure that GTA5 on High end PC will look 10 times better then any last gen console.. its happening with every game for past 2 years... PS4 could be similar to PC.. at least for next 3 years....

anyways.. we all know that GTA5 will go to next gen platfroms also... R* just dont want to tell, because they want to keep pre order nubers rolling for this gen... and later for next... you will see...! I buying it for this and next PS.. why not..

windblowsagain1683d ago

modded skyrim looks very nice, but it's still an overrated game.

I prefer the original game i pay money for to be awesome.

GTA4 was very overrated.

9's and 10's should not be given out so easily by gaming sites.

Angeljuice1683d ago


Personally, when I look at the graphics on the PS3 version (and the vast improvement made), I can't help but wonder whether this game was actually using the next gen platforms as the lead platform.
This would require the engine to perform a lot of multithreading, which would also benefit the PS3's cell architecture (hence it running so well optimised on PS3).

I believe that PC, XboxOne and PS4 are pretty much done and dusted and just waiting in the wings to be announced (possibly as launch titles for both Next Gen consoles).

vishmarx1683d ago

id be happier if nvidia wasnt the one saying this.
its common knowledge that theyre butthurt and will do just about anything to make consoles look bad.

cant believe im saying this but
may or may not be true

DeadlyFire1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

I don't understand the negativity towards NVIDIA. :P

There is no reason to hate them. Facts are facts.

PC will have more revenue over time. They are evolving to a point where an APU can run a game at full strength some point soon for 1080p anyway. Not counting any extra GPU power.

NVIDIA is making ARM CPUs for 2014/2015. They are building the first full 64-bit ARM Desktop level CPU/APU as well TBD release.

starchild1683d ago


Oh no! Red Dead Redemption isn't on the PC! Whatever will we do?!

Seriously now, RDR is a damn good game and I wish it was on PC since that is my main platform, but it isn't a big deal. Most gamers own more than one system and I am no different--I own a PS3 and a 360 in addition to my PC.

It's not like other systems don't miss out on games. You still can't play a Left 4 Dead game, Alan Wake, Mark of the Ninja or The Witcher 2 on the PS3. Also can't play Papo & Yo or Guacamelee on the Xbox 360. So while all of those games can be played on the PC, one or the other console misses out on them.

aquamala1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

interesting news, I have the barebones ps3 version pre-ordered but I much, much rather play on PC

Dee_911683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

WTH is wrong with nvidia and all this ego stroking since next gen was announced?
I mean this is freaking great if true but I think R* wanted to be the ones to make this announcement.
And if it doesn't come on PC ( god forbid) who's going to take the blame for this ?

I dont hate them, and you dont have to tell lies to be hated, its just the ego stroking. I mean I can understand shutting all the people who claim PC gaming is a dying platform ( which is a small minority). But theres tons better ways than going about it like this.Because it just like they are bragging.

Ilwrath1683d ago

Macho Madness... SKY'S THE LIMIT!

The_KELRaTH1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Grid 2 is just about to get an official modding kit :)

Between the PC, X1 and PS4 this will likely remain the one key difference.

mikeslemonade1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

What a blatantly false statement! There theory is PC gaming is evolving and thus bring more revenue is wrong. In certain games it's true but the majority of games the consoles have time and time again proven that the games sell more on consoles. Go look up vgchartz yourself.

Skyrim is 13 million units sold on consoles while PC is under 3 million units. The PS3 alone sold almost 5 million units. So only one console already beats the PC. Also each game is $60 on the consoles so there's also more "revenue" factor coming for the consoles.

Consoles is where the big money is at. PC is where indie gaming is at. Sure.. you can sell thousands of $5 games but that's not enough revenue to beat consoles. And then you have the big games for PC that are subscription based but there's not that many that are huge. It's much more monopolistic on the PC gaming side. You have the rich making more money while the Indies are picking up the scraps.

b163o11683d ago

WTH is a personal computer??? O__o

starchild1683d ago


Oh jeez, are you seriously using vgchartz? They aren't reliable and they don't track digital PC sales, which is how most PC gamers buy their games.

Furthermore, PC game software generated 20 billion dollars in revenue last year which is far greater than any single console.

This is an incredible figure when you consider the entire gaming industry--which covers all gaming devices (PCs, consoles, handhelds, smartphones, tablets, etc.) and includes both software and dedicated game hardware--generated $67 billion that same year (2012).

"A series of new reports from DFC Intelligence forecasts that the global market for video games is expected to grow from $67 billion in 2012 to $82 billion in 2017."

"The Worldwide Market Forecasts for the Video Game and Interactive Entertainment Industry report notes that the industry has been flat to declining mainly because of declining sales in the console segment.

“New console systems from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony are expected to help the console segment regain some momentum in the 2014 to 2015 timeframe,” said DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole. “However, the steadiest area of growth is on the PC and mobile side.”

PC game revenue continues to increase at a solid pace and is expected to pass $25 billion in 2017, up from about $20 billion forecasted for 2012."

So in 2012 game software sales on the PC alone generated nearly a third of the revenue of the entire games industry.

AbortMission1683d ago

@starchild That's nice that PC has a bigger market. But it's not surprising. Most PC gamers play on pretty damn old machines or laptops, not high end Haswells, GTX 780s etc.

So, yeah. PC has a bigger market share but it's not from "PC elitists" with high end rigs. We're talking about Minecraft, WoW, and Facebook games

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showtimefolks1683d ago

if its coming to PC than it has to come out on ps4/xbox one

means there vare some games i have to buy twice

showtimefolks1683d ago

Why not true porting from PC to ps4 takes less than 2 months so why won't it happen?

Also same thing for Xbox one

Whether PC gamers like it or not GTA is a console game and RS will always favor console gamers

MestreRothN4G1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )


Because porting costs money and the company getting the highest amount of money from PC gaming is TPB. :)

No, R* is not interested on a platform crowded with pirates.

NarooN1683d ago


There was a picture posted not long ago from a game store that had PC cases for GTA V. It's more than obvious that a PC version will come in time, just like how the PC port of GTA IV came well after the console version released.

PC gamers will buy the shit out of GTA V.

clouds51683d ago

GTA was always on pc since the first one in 1997. Just btw...

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods1683d ago

They will release it as they always did on pc , they wont release it on ps4 or xbox one cause they are not interested , gta 6 offcourse will be released on next gen! For now you can only wait to see the ps3/360 version and later pc

DeadlyFire1683d ago

Yeah its definitely coming to PS4/1box. Just give it a year at most before its out. :)

starchild1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

It's a current gen game. It will come out on PC simply because all the GTA games have had PC releases. Rockstar just likes to stagger the PC releases.

By your logic every current gen game like Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Bioshock Infinite, Batman Arkham Origins and so on, will all be getting next gen console releases. Which we all know won't happen. The focus for all of these games is current gen consoles and PC.

I'm not saying that it is impossible or that it definitely won't happen. I'm saying that it is illogical to assume that just because a multiplatform game is on the PC that it will also be on the PS4 and XB1.

Corpser1683d ago

Same here, if reviews come out great (I have little doubt they will) I might have to play the console version in 720p and low frame rates.. PC/next gen versions would be so much better

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yeahokchief1683d ago

@ Battleaxe Are you retarded?

you contradicted your first sentence with your second one. logic is hard for pc gamers. all those years of justifying all the money they throw away must take a heavy toll.

JsonHenry1683d ago

This was from an earnings call to investors, right? Not sure why so many people are acting like Nvidia is all butthurt here. PC sales typically dwarf that of consoles in sales. Especially now that NPD is FINALLY reporting on some Digital sales.

But that doesn't mean anything. The consoles still sell really well too.

cee7731683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Yeah PC may generate the most revenue as A whole but not for rockstar games gtaIv sold over 10 mill each on Xbox and ps3 I can guarantee it didn't pass 10 mill or even 5 mill on PC physically the game sold under A million on PC who knows what it did digitally. Consoles generate more revenue for Rockstar its been this way for over A decade and I don't see it changing anytime soon lol.

GTA sell like crap on PC compared to consoles

_-EDMIX-_1683d ago

@cee773. Da hell are you talking about? You nor I don't know exactly HOW MUCH was actually spent to make GTAIV for consoles and then the PC port. If the spent like 3 million on a port, they might be making PURE profit! Mind you PC doesn't have a license fee its a open platform. Stop mistaking units sold as profit.

"revenue" doesn't = "units sold" it equals PROFIT MADE! But you must know how much was spent to make and distribute it before you make such a claim. All we really know is that A the Port is cheaper and B the port is likely making full profit cause PC is open platform.

Seafort1683d ago

When Rockstar can be bothered to make a proper PC port it might sell well.

And retail sales for PC is a shit way to gauge how well it sold as most sales are digital now which isn't recorded.

Go ask Valve how many copies were sold on steam then you might get some proper sales figures instead of vgchartz lol

StoutBEER1683d ago

Xbox One has mod support right? Please someone with an understanding of mod tech tell me, is there even a REMOTE chance that mods for GTA V be on Xbox One/ Trouble in Terrorist Town????!!!!!>>>!! Answers appreciated!

_-EDMIX-_1683d ago

It clear PC will make a lot of money off of gaming just based on not having used games. Having MORE options and a lot of smaller titles. But I feel consoles now having PC style CPU's and easy indie support will start to take that away, but I do feel PC will still make the most in that regard.

and really...EVERYONE KNOWS GTAV will be on PC. This isn't news.

Evilsnuggle1683d ago

Revenue from hardware yes software sales no the master race must accept that game console make the world go around. The biggest sales are from game console not pc. Call of duty: anyone nvidia has a major case of butt hurt. All the game console have AMD CPU and GPU. This will also give AMD GPU a huge advantage in the future games developed for consoles. They will perform better on AMD GPU's Because both games PS4 and xbone have AMD GPU. This will lead to better optimization for AMD GPU.

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Smoovekid1683d ago

Ok Nvidia, there are already a ton GTA pre orders on both consoles.

Murad1683d ago

Dude, people for PC, like myself want it as well. I own a console and everything, but I rather have it for PC. Why? In the long run, I'll have more mods, and in general, it's some far more convenient for me. It's the same way for you in terms of consoles.

1683d ago
Hufandpuf1683d ago

I already know GTA5 is coming to PC. It has some of the most dedicated players on PC including awesome mods that I don't think Rockstar would shaft. Also I really think that ps3 gameplay they showed earlier was actually on PC. It looked too smooth with almost no screen tearing and fine tuned shadows. What game on the consoles has THAT smooth of shadows?

HammadTheBeast1683d ago

GTA V, Last of Us, UC2/3, Killzone?

NiteX1683d ago

Look again, shadows are pretty awful on those games.

Campy da Camper1683d ago

Gotta go with huff. When I watch the "ps3" trailer for GTA I was like there is no way that is current gen consoles. I loved the last of us and it looked great but that GTA demo was a whole other level. There was not one jaggie, and every line, on every building was crisp and clean.

cunnilumpkin1683d ago

all those games look 10 years old on consoles

covered in jaggies

agitated shadows,



have not seen a pc game that looks as bad as last of us since 2004

Murad1683d ago

You must be blind. The Last of Us does not nearly look as good.

Ragthorn1683d ago

Srry HammadTheBeast, Those games don't have those kind of visuals lol. Console DOES not have the power to have as smooth shadows as shown in the gameplay trailer as to what Hufandpuf said.

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NarooN1683d ago

I saw the gameplay...think you guys might be blowing it out of proportion. It's easy to smooth out jaggies and such when you apply blur filters over it all.

And GTA V looks nice, definitely better than GTA IV, but it's similar to Max Payne 3 (which looked awesome) since it's basically the same engine. If you think it's PC, look closer at the textures. They're not amazingly detailed and many are pretty low-res. This won't really matter at all for anyone who is used to GTA, especially the older PS2 titles which definitely weren't known for having the best visuals out there.

Also, disagree about Last of Us & KZ not having good shadows. I played through KZ2 & 3, Uncharted 2 & 3, and watched my friend play TLOU. All of these games have pretty decent shadows. Killzone has some of the finest visuals on the system, period.

As for GTA V, if it were PC gameplay, there would've been higher-res textures, more characters and vehicles, farther draw distance, etc.

WeAreLegion1683d ago

God of War III. Very smooth shadows.

DoctorJones1683d ago

Very linear game, just isn't in the same ball park at all when there's a hell of a lot more going on in GTA.

papashango1683d ago

please don't cite one of the most linear button mashers as a source for good shadows. You can't even control the camera angles.

WeAreLegion1683d ago

I was asked for good shadows. I told you a game that had good shadows.

Don't be complete dicks about it.

pixelsword1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

When the game comes out, we'll know; so there's no need to talk too much about it before all available information is out.

People did rightly complain about Killzone 2's trailer being fake, granted: but when the game came out, it exceeded the trailer in every way, so it's possible that GTA might have good shadows on consoles... and it's not like every game that ever came out on the PC will have perfect shadows, because each PC is different and will correspond to a game and it's settings differently.


By them commenting on everything like a rabid fanboy, Nvidia's just making it all the more obvious that they priced themselves out of the market, cheating people all the way down (saying they couldn't do something when they knew they could) and causing a rift that may never be repaired between themselves and console makers.

Ragthorn1683d ago

But you have to know that were talking about a HUGE open-world game that has no loading screens between areas, whereas God of War 3 has very linear style of play. Simple logic really.

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extermin8or1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Woah @Murad- you need glasses if you think the last of us looks bad. It was only back in 2009 that uncharted 2 was better looking than pretty much any other game and was released on old hardware.

@cunnilumpkin some of those issues you mention are a)only noticeable if your playing with a bloody magnifying glass infront of your eye and b) are limitations there since the consoles launch. oh and c) don't detract from the game at all in anyway.

@Hufandpuf and @NiteX - if shadows are worth extra hundereds of $ on better gaming hardware with very little other improvements then you need to go re-evaluate your lives and what that money could have otherwise been spent on. Otherwise I do agree that there is no way the GTA5 footage is current gen. In the same way when Watch_Dogs was announced there's no way that was current gen and I don't believe Kojima when he says MS E3 confrence MGS5 trailer was ps3 footage.....

gapecanpie1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

I use to think UC3 was a master piece but after I seen my brother gaming pc I understood why PC fans laugh at console fanboys when they argue about gfx as there is no comparison to PC ... UC3 looks like dog c*ap compared to what I seen on PC.

Corpser1683d ago

You'll think Last of us looks bad too once you're used to next gen graphics

Ragthorn1683d ago

It has already begun on PC (Nvidia GTX 700 series) lol!

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